Mantra for Happy and Peaceful Start

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for ensuring a Happy and Peaceful Start for any kind of movement, including commuting, travel, trip or voyage for job, business, financial, personal or pleasure. This simple Hindu Devotional Sanskrit Mantra invokes all kinds of protection from obstacles and dangers, including ill-health and the unknown on land, air or water during the day or night.

The practice is very simple, the Mantra should be chanted once with conviction just before the start of the movement from home. This is said to create an invisible protective shield around the chanter of the Mantra.

Job aspirants, who are going for a job interview can also chant the Mantra just before leaving their house to create a shield of auspiciousness around themselves.

डाकिनी प्रेत्भूतेषु भयं तस्य न जायते |
रक्ष-रक्ष महादेव रक्ष-रक्ष जनेश्वर ||
रक्षन्तु देवतः सर्वा ब्रह्मा विष्णू महेश्वरा ||
जले रक्षतु वाराहाः स्थले रक्षतु वामनाः ||
आटव्यां नारसिहश्च सर्वतः पातु केशवः |
दिवा रक्षतु मां सूर्यो रात्रौ रक्षतु चंद्रमाः |
पंथम दुर्गम् राक्षेत्सर्वमेव जनार्धनः |
रोग विध्नहतच्श्रैव ब्रह्महा गुरुतल्पगः ||
Dakini Pretbhooteshu Bhyam Tasya Na Jaayate |
Raksh-Raksh Mahadev Raksh-Raksh Janeshwar ||
Rakshantu Devatah Sarva Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara |
Jale Rakshatu Vaaraahaah Sthale Rakshatu Vamanah |
Aathvyaam Naarasihashch Sarvatah Paatu Keshavah |
Diva Rakshatu Maam Sooryo Raatrou Rakshatu Chandramah |
Panthaam Durgam Raakshetsarvameva Janaardhanah |
Rog Vidhnahatachshraiva Brahmahaa Gurutalpgah ||


  1. English Version-
    1st line-dakini(daakinee)

    3rd line-sarva(sarvaa)

    4th line-vaaraahaah(vaaraahah)

    5th line-aathvyaam(aatavyaam)

    6th line-diva(divaa)

    7th line-panthaam(pantham)

    8th line-vidhnahatachshraiva(vighnahatash chaiva)


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