Mantra to Make Spirit Fulfil a Wish

A Mantra Experiment to Make a Spirit Fulfill a Desire or Wish has been described by me in this post. The Mantra Experiment uses a magical Mantra Chant to cast a Occult Spell on a Vetala or Betala, which is the English language means a kind of very powerful ghost or spirit, which is sometime even worshiped as a Deity in certain regions of India.

The Siddhi Prayoga should be strictly performed during the Grahan Kaal[period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse]. The eclipse should be visible in the place in the specific area or town where the practitioner is performing the Siddhi Sadhana.

For gaining Siddhi, the practitioner should chant the Vetal Invocation Mantra Chant given below 1100 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala.

ॐ तुरुः, ॐ गुरुः, ॐ हितिः, ॐ हः, महाघोर रावे | कासि कपासि बैतालाभ फट ||
Om Turuah, Om Guruah, Om Hitiah, Om Haah, Mahaghor Raave | Kaasi Kaapasi Baitaalaabh Fatt |

For actual practice in invoking the Vetal, the Mantra Prayoga should be performed during the period of an Amvasya or a Saturday at night in a Smashan Bhumi.

The practtioner should sit down, facing the south direction and light an Oil Lamp, in front of him and using a Rudraksha Mala, chant the Mantra for 11 Malas continuously.

If the practitioner succeeds in invoking the Vetal, the Vetal will appear in front of the practitioner. The form of the Vetal is extremely fearsome and frightening. The practitioner should not be frightened and immediately request the Vetal to give him a promise to fulfill his wish or desire. The wish of the practitioner should be specific and to the pont and not vague or generalized.

Notes- The Mantra Experiment is only for the practitioners who are well versed with Aghori Mantra Sadhanas.

The practitioner should be of sound mental and physical health and having a fearless temperament. A person having a weak, fearful or doubtful temperament is likely to become a lunatic or even loose his life as the Vetal can be most gruesome in appearance and speech.

The Aghori Sadhaka should be well versed in Baglamukhi, Durga, Kali, Disha-Bandhan and Gayatri Mantras and possess a Sidh Guru and Atma-Raksha Mantra.

Those in the higher stages of spiritualism, the Yogis and Sadhaks,  who have crossed the stages of symbolism or ritualism in Mantra Sadhana can always utilize this magical Mantra Chant without any aids or rituals to invoke the Vetal and get their wish fulfilled.


  1. Dear Ashok Sir,

    Can you give me Sadhana of Lord Veerbhadra. I have read somwhere that this Lord sadhan is swayam sidha and person do not require any diksha for this sadhana. It will my great pleasure if you provide me this sadhan vidhi or mantra.


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