Main Components of Mantra Sadhana - Part 3

1. In Shiva/Rudra Upasana, Lakshmi,Devi, Maha Vidya, Shri Vidya, Shakti, one must sit in Padmasan. In any Vishnu or his Avatar Upasna, one must sit in Sukh-Aasan.

2. Sesame oil can be used for all gods for any kind of Shanti Karm or material object wish. Pure Ghee Diya can be used for any god and goddess. In Spiritual Sadhanas, only Pure Ghee Diya must be used. For Vashikaran, Chameli oil is optimal. - Ashok Mehta

3. Mustard oil is used for Tamsik activities and sometimes for sadhana related to health. Sesame oil and Pure Ghee Diya is used for all gods. Sesame oil diyas are not used in Devi Upasana unless there is a requirement.

4. The Triyakshar Mantra of Narasimha (ह्रीं क्ष्रौं ह्रीं ), the 1 lettered Mantra of Narasimha(क्ष्रौं), the Anushtup Mantra of Narasimha (ॐ उग्रं वीरं महा विष्णुंं.....), 1 letter Kartvirya Arjun Mantra(फ्रों ), Kartvirya Arjun Anushtup Mantra( कर्तवीर्यार्जुनो नाम राजा....), Hayagreev Beej Mantra(ह्सूं ) , Hayagreev Anushtup Mantra (उद्गिरद् प्रणवोद्गीध सर्व वागिश्वरेश्वर.......), Chintamani Beej Mantra(क्ष्म्न्यों ), Kshetraphal, Bhairav, Kuber, Gopal, Ganapati, Chetaka, Yakshini, Maatangi, Tripur Sundari(Shri Vidya), Sundari, Shyaamaa, Tara, Shabari, Karna Pisachini, Ekjata, Vaamaa Kali, Neel Saraswati, Kaal Raatri, Hanuman, Shiv - These are gods whose Mantras work very quickly in Kaliyug.

4. Aghor Mantra ( mentioned here - Most Powerful Shiva Mantra ) Dakshinamurti Mantras, Uma- Maheshwar Namah Shivaay Mantra(ॐ ह्रीं ह्रौं नमः शिवाय ), Hayagreev, Varah, Lakshmi Narayan Mantra(ॐ लक्षमीनारायणाय नमः ), 4 lettered Agni Mantras which have Pranav and other Beej Mantras, Surya Mantras, Pranav Yukt Ganapati and Haridra Ganapati, 8 lettered Surya Mantra (mentioned here - Surya Mantra ), 6 lettered Ram Mantra - (mentioned here - Beneficial Rama Mantras ) Narasimha Maha Mantra (ॐ उग्रं वीरं महा विष्णुंं.....), Pranav Mantra(ॐ) and all Vedic Mantras - The above mentioned Mantras can be Deekshit only to a Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishnav. The Deeksha of these Mantras should never be given a Shudra or Mlecchas.

5. Sudarshan, Pashupat, Agni Astra, Narasimha Mantras - The Deeksha and Sadhana of their Mantras should only be done by a Brahmin and Kshatriya. It should never be given to a Vaishnav or Shudra.

The above mentioned points also apply to women. Ved Mantras also cannot be changed by women.

6. Brahman Bhojan, Tarpan, Marjan, Havan,etc do not apply to women and the Japa part of the Puruscharan are enough. However they still need to perform Mantra Sanskar, Kavach Setu, Kulluka,etc

This article is an continuation of the articles on the main essential and ingredients needed for performing a Mantra Sadhana. The first two part of the article can be seen here - Part Two and Part One


  1. women are and were always been the as righteous of Vedas as their counter part males were.

    If one goes 1000 years back in vaidik India legacy, leaving Engilsh and Muslim rulers, one can find there were different ashrams for both males and females where they were also taught vedas, upnishad, war practices, poliics etc.

    Yagyavalk's wife Maitri is best example who was superier to her in knowledge.
    In Ramayna, when Ram was told to go to Forests as by Kaikayi in her first wish she knowingly that Sita will rile the kingdom then asked for Bharat's rajyabhishek. As Vashist also told that in the absence of Ram, she was all capable and trained for this (knowing all shastras, shashtras and neeti etc).

    1. I see snakes ,Hugh snakes in my dreams .I wish they would die .I tried to kill them ,be it in my body or house or life .I am Anita Narriman Defazio and I live at 559 the west mall 309 .I do not knkw if they are in my body or lives I am in danger anita

    2. Before sleeping at night,chant 108 times (one rosary)-"om aryamaayai namah.

  2. Is there Hanuman mantra to become a great fighter?


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