Position of Office in Home as per Vastu Shastra

This post is especially meant for those followers of Vastu Shastra who have their office at home or work from home. Many people due to a variety of reasons, including lack of money and resources  or simply for the sake of convenience have their offices in their homes.  Vastu Shastra prescribes certain positions or directions as being more auspicious and beneficial for the progress and smooth running of the business.

The more auspicious directions in the house for positioning the office are as follows:
South – Dhan: This direction is as per Vastu Shastra believed to be beneficial as far as money matters are concerned.

North- Uttaradayitva: This is direction, which gives Uttaradayitva or responsibility. It also denotes trust and obligations towards the people connected with the business, like the customers and suppliers.

South East- Sampannata: As is clear from the Sampannata, this direction is beneficial in matters relation to prosperity, solvency, success and achievements of the business.

As per Vastu Shastra it is advisable to position the cabin in these directions. If working from a desk, then the desk should be positioned in these directions.

It is also advisable to sit is a place from which the entire room is visible, if that is not possible due to some or the other reason, then this defect can be rectified by using a mirror to view the office.

Another beneficial recommendation in Vastu Shastra is to place a Picture or Photo-Frame of a Mountain or Mountain Range behind the chair. Mountains signify strong support for the business, including financial.

A person known to me who has her office in her home uses a Singing Bowl made from seven metals to purify the space and atmosphere in her home and office. A Singing Bowl is a famous Tibetan energy cleansing aid, which is also common to Feng Shui and is also used by the practitioners of Vastu Shastra to remove negative and regressive energies from a place.

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