Navnath Panthiya Bhairav Mantra

This is a Nath Panthiya Shabar Mantra to get the blessings of Bhairava to fulfil all needs of life and become a contented and happy person. The Mantra can also be utilized as a Jhadna/Utara Mantra for exorcising a person believed to be affected by evil spirits, energies or evil-eye and black magic voodoo spells.

The Siddhi Sadhana should be commenced on any Monday or Saturday in a Shivalaya or a Bhairav Mandir, in the night at 11 PM.  The Sadhak should make a Avahan[ call to appear of completion of the Sadhana]. Then he should worship Lod Bhairava and offer a Prasad of Sugar or Kheer, which has been prepared using Jaggery as the sweetening ingredient.

Then, the Sadhak should sit down and the Mantra should be chanted 1008 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala.

The same procedure should be faithfully followed by the Sadhak for a total of 21 days, including the first day of the Mantra Sadhana.

The Navnath Panthiya Tantra also mentions that it is likely that Lord Bhairav might give a Darshan or a Vision to the Sadhak after the completion of the Sadhana. Therefore, the Sadhak should keep ready a Garland of Red Kaner Flowers to offer to Bhairava.

ॐ रिं रिक्तिमा भैरो दर्शय स्वाहा | ॐ क्रं-क्रं काल प्रकटय प्रकटय स्वाहा |  रिं रिक्तिमा भैरउ रक्त जहां दर्शे | वर्षे रक्त घटा आदि शक्ति | सब मंत्र मंत्र तंत्र सिध्दी परायणा रह-रह | रूद्र रह-रह, विष्णु रह-रह,  ब्रह्मा रह-रह | वेताल रह-रह, कंकाल रह-रह, रं रण-रण,  रिक्तिमा सब भक्षण हुं, फुरो मंत्र | महेश वाचा की आज्ञा फट कंकाल माई को आज्ञा | ॐ हुं चौहरिया वीर-पाह्ये, शत्रु पाह्ये भक्ष्य मैदि आतू चुरि फारि तो क्रोधाश भैरव फारि तोरि डारै | फुरो मंत्र कंकाल चंडी की आज्ञा | रिं रिक्तिमा संहार कर्म कर्ता महा संहार पुत्र | “अमुक" गृहण-गृहण, भक्ष-भक्ष हूं | मोहिनी-मोहिनी बोलसी, माई मोहिनी | मेरे चउआन के डारनु माई | मोहुं सगरों गाउ | राजा मोहु, प्रजा मोहु, मोहु मन्द गहिरा | मोहिनी चाहिनी चाहि, माथ नवई | पाहि सिद्ध गुरु के वंद पाई जस दे कालि का माई |

Om Rim Riktima Bhairo Darshaya Swaha | Om Kram-Kram Kaal Prakataya Prakataya Swaha| Rim Riktima Bhairau Rakt Jahan Darshe | Varshe Rakt Ghata Aadi Shakti | Sab Mantra Mantra Tantra Siddhi Paraayanaa Rah-Rah | Rudra Rah-Rah, Vishnu Rah-Rah, Brahma Rah-Rah | Vetal Rah-Rah, Kankaal Rah-Rah,  Ran Ran-Ran, Riktima Sab Bhakshan Hum, Furo Mantra | Mahesh Vacha Ki Agya Fatt Kankaal Mai Ko Agya | Om Hum Chouhariya Veer- Paahye, Shatru Paahye,  Bhaksha Maidi Aatoo Churi To Krodhaasha Bhairav Faari Tori Daarai | Furo Mantra Kankaal Chandi Ki Agya | Rim Riktima Samhaar Karma Kartaa Maha Samhaar Putra | “Amuk” Gruhan-Gruhan,  Bhaksh-Bhaksh Hoom | Mohini-Mohini Bolsi, Maai Mohini | Mere Chauaan Ke Daaranu Maai | Mohum Sagarom Gaau | Raja Mohu, Praja Mohu, Mohu Mand Gahiraa | Mohini Chahini Chahi, Maath Navaee | Paahi Siddha Guru Ke Vand Paaee Jas De Kali Ka Maaee |


  1. Dear Sir,
    what is the mantra of Goddess Nikhumbala which Ravan son Indrajit used and what is the procedure?Im saying this because of the program Hanuman.

  2. Sir what is a shivalaya? I live in Holland.. And over here there are no bhairav mandirs.. Is there a way to do this over here? And do you have to do 1008 within 21days or do you have to do every Day 1008


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