Navnath Panthiya Bhairav Mantra

This is a Nath Panthiya Shabar Mantra to get the blessings of Bhairava to fulfil all needs of life and become a contented and happy person. The Mantra can also be utilized as a Jhadna/Utara Mantra for exorcising a person believed to be affected by evil spirits, energies or evil-eye and black magic voodoo spells.

The Siddhi Sadhana should be commenced on any Monday or Saturday in a Shivalaya or a Bhairav Mandir, in the night at 11 PM.  The Sadhak should make a Avahan[ call to appear of completion of the Sadhana]. Then he should worship Lod Bhairava and offer a Prasad of Sugar or Kheer, which has been prepared using Jaggery as the sweetening ingredient.

Then, the Sadhak should sit down and the Mantra should be chanted 1008 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala.

The same procedure should be faithfully followed by the Sadhak for a total of 21 days, including the first day of the Mantra Sadhana.

The Navnath Panthiya Tantra also mentions that it is likely that Lord Bhairav might give a Darshan or a Vision to the Sadhak after the completion of the Sadhana. Therefore, the Sadhak should keep ready a Garland of Red Kaner Flowers to offer to Bhairava.

ॐ रिं रिक्तिमा भैरो दर्शय स्वाहा | ॐ क्रं-क्रं काल प्रकटय प्रकटय स्वाहा |  रिं रिक्तिमा भैरउ रक्त जहां दर्शे | वर्षे रक्त घटा आदि शक्ति | सब मंत्र मंत्र तंत्र सिध्दी परायणा रह-रह | रूद्र रह-रह, विष्णु रह-रह,  ब्रह्मा रह-रह | वेताल रह-रह, कंकाल रह-रह, रं रण-रण,  रिक्तिमा सब भक्षण हुं, फुरो मंत्र | महेश वाचा की आज्ञा फट कंकाल माई को आज्ञा | ॐ हुं चौहरिया वीर-पाह्ये, शत्रु पाह्ये भक्ष्य मैदि आतू चुरि फारि तो क्रोधाश भैरव फारि तोरि डारै | फुरो मंत्र कंकाल चंडी की आज्ञा | रिं रिक्तिमा संहार कर्म कर्ता महा संहार पुत्र | “अमुक" गृहण-गृहण, भक्ष-भक्ष हूं | मोहिनी-मोहिनी बोलसी, माई मोहिनी | मेरे चउआन के डारनु माई | मोहुं सगरों गाउ | राजा मोहु, प्रजा मोहु, मोहु मन्द गहिरा | मोहिनी चाहिनी चाहि, माथ नवई | पाहि सिद्ध गुरु के वंद पाई जस दे कालि का माई |

Om Rim Riktima Bhairo Darshaya Swaha | Om Kram-Kram Kaal Prakataya Prakataya Swaha| Rim Riktima Bhairau Rakt Jahan Darshe | Varshe Rakt Ghata Aadi Shakti | Sab Mantra Mantra Tantra Siddhi Paraayanaa Rah-Rah | Rudra Rah-Rah, Vishnu Rah-Rah, Brahma Rah-Rah | Vetal Rah-Rah, Kankaal Rah-Rah,  Ran Ran-Ran, Riktima Sab Bhakshan Hum, Furo Mantra | Mahesh Vacha Ki Agya Fatt Kankaal Mai Ko Agya | Om Hum Chouhariya Veer- Paahye, Shatru Paahye,  Bhaksha Maidi Aatoo Churi To Krodhaasha Bhairav Faari Tori Daarai | Furo Mantra Kankaal Chandi Ki Agya | Rim Riktima Samhaar Karma Kartaa Maha Samhaar Putra | “Amuk” Gruhan-Gruhan,  Bhaksh-Bhaksh Hoom | Mohini-Mohini Bolsi, Maai Mohini | Mere Chauaan Ke Daaranu Maai | Mohum Sagarom Gaau | Raja Mohu, Praja Mohu, Mohu Mand Gahiraa | Mohini Chahini Chahi, Maath Navaee | Paahi Siddha Guru Ke Vand Paaee Jas De Kali Ka Maaee |


  1. Dear Sir,
    what is the mantra of Goddess Nikhumbala which Ravan son Indrajit used and what is the procedure?Im saying this because of the program Hanuman.

  2. Sir what is a shivalaya? I live in Holland.. And over here there are no bhairav mandirs.. Is there a way to do this over here? And do you have to do 1008 within 21days or do you have to do every Day 1008

  3. सब मंत्र मंत्र तंत्र सिध्दी परायणा रह-रह


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