Remedy for Mantra Sadhana Interrupted By Death in Family

In this post, I have given a most simple Upay for restarting any Mantra Sadhana or Prayog that has been “Khandit” due to the death of a family member. This easy to practice Upay can be very useful to those people who are faced with this unavoidable problem.

A common concern expressed by some people who are practicing a Mantra, Yantra Prayog or Sadhana or any other Bina Mantra Ka Totka, is that will the Sadhana or Upay be considered to be “Khandit”, meaning Interrupted or Broken, if there is a death in the family.

In case of death in the family, any Upay, Mantra Sadhana or Pryaog can be temporarily be discontinued until the period of mourning is over.

This period is usually over after the 10th and 13th day rituals after the demise of a family member are performed. However, this may vary according to the local or caste traditions prevalent in that region or community.

Paranormal Remedy to Resume Broken or Interrupted Mantra Experiments

There is a simple paranormal remedy, which can be practiced in such cases when a Sadhana or Prayog has to be stopped for the unavoidable reasons mentioned above,

The practitioner should take a coconut and immerse it in a flowing water body, like a river, sea or a canal and then apologize to the deity whose Sadhana is being practiced.

This also includes other mystical and supernatural beings like Yakshinis, Bhoot, Apsaras and similar beings.

A simple “Kshama Prarthana” in your own words expressing regrets for the unavoidable circumstances due to which the Sadhana or Prayog had to be stopped is sufficient.

This might delay the expected results, but the Sadhana or Prayog will not be considered as “Khandit” due to the reason mentioned above and the efforts put in earlier will not be wasted.

There are many people who prescribe elaborate and costly rituals for this purpose, however, in my opinion that is not needed and the simple Upay given in this post can be practiced in order to resume a “Khandit” Sadhana.

As explained from time to time in earlier posts, only Sadhanas or Prayogs performed by women will not be considered to be “Khandit” due to interruptions by the Monthly Cycle. However, if the woman is practicing a short term Prayog, then, she should plan it in such a way that it does not get interrupted due to her Monthly Periods.


  1. So we should do in the mourning period or not?
    Quite confusing post....


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