Simple Upay for Delay in Marriage of Girl

In this most, I have written about three most simple Upay or Paranormal Remedies to remove delays in the marriage of a girl of marriageable age. These are both Bina Mantra Ke Totke as they do not need any kind of Mantra Chanting or the recitation of any Prarthana or Stotra in order to make them work.

All the three Upay given in this post are so simple that any girl can easily practice them to remove the problems or obstacles that are delaying her marriage.

Even divorcees and those women who have crossed the acceptable age of marriage, but want to get married can try any one or all the these three Totke as there is no cost involved nor do they consume much time or effort.

1] First Upay – On the day of Purnima do 108 Parikrama of a Vat Vriksha or Banyan Tree in the English language.

Watering the Banyan Tree, Banana Tree and Peepal Tree on Thursdays will also give the same result. The procedure is simple, the girl should take water in a Kalash and pour it on the trunk of any or all of these trees.

Remedies, Upay ot Totke for Marriage of Indian Girls

2] Second Upay – This Upay should be staartd during the Shukla Paksha or the bright half of any month according to the Hindu Panchang.

On the first Thursday of the Shukla Paksha, the girl should wear yellow colored clothes.

Then, on the next day, which is Friday, the girl should wear white colored clothes.

This Upay should be performed for Five Thursdays and Five Friday continuously.

3] Third Upay- The girl whose marriage is getting delayed has to wear the clothes of a girl whose is about to get married or whose marriage has been fixed.

This simple and easy Upay is also prescribed by many Tantriks to remove the delay in a girls marriage.

Notes- All the three remedies are tried and tested remedies, which are practiced by many girls in India to remove the problems that are causing their marriages to be delayed.

These simple Totke to remove marriage delay as as useful and beneficial as the other more complicated and lengthy Sadhanas that have been published on this site over the past many years.

Many more paranormal remedies, Mantra, Yantra, Tone, Totke and Upay can be seen in the section on- Marriage Mantra-Tantra


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