Hanuman Mantra to Meet All Needs

In this post, I have written about a Hanuman Mantra to meet all essential needs, wants or even success in tasks or fulfillment of wishes. This is an an ancient verse composed in the Sanskrit language, which invokes Anjaneya or the Son of Anjani Mata for helping the chanter meet his needs.

The Hanuman Mantra is simple to understand and chant, even though it is composed in Sanskrit.

It can also be termed as a Prachim Karya Siddhi Prathana or Ancient Prayer for invoking Hanuman and getting Divine Aid in the successful accomplishment of a task.

फ्रौं Fraum Root Mantra of Maruti or Anjaneya

The practitioner should be clear and specific about the wish, desire or dream that he wants fulfilled or the task or job he wishes to accomplish before chanting the Hanuman Mantra, which is given below.

असाध्यस्साधक स्वामिन् असाध्यं तव किं वद् |
रामदूत कृपा सिन्धो मत्कार्य साधय प्रभो ||
Aasaadhyassaadhak Swaamin Aasaadhyam Tav Kim Vad |
Ramdoot Krupa Sindho Matkarya Saadhaya Prabho ||

Meaning- The One who achieved the impossible, the One who is the Ocean of Love. Messenger of Shri Ram, please fulfill my wants.

This is a Siddh Hanuman Mantra and success depends upon the intensity with which you are able to chant the Mantra and not on the number of Mantra Chants. Even a single chant is sufficient to get quick results.

There is no Puja-Vidhi or special date for the chanting of this Hanuman Desire Fulfilling Mantra. If the practitioner desires, he can light Dhoop and Diya before an Idol or photograph of Hanuman before chanting the Mantra.

Even though. This site has published numerous wish fulfillment and task accomplishment Mantra of all kinds and most Hindu Deities, including Hanuman, this Mantra has been published because it is as mentioned above most simple to chant and practice.

Notes- Even though, this Mantra takes hardly a minute to chant, it is as effective and beneficial as the bigger Mantras for the same purpose.

For Hanuman Mantras, Yantras and Prathanas, please see the section on- Hanuman Mantra Tantra.


  1. दिए गए मन्त्र में सच ही कहा है कि हनुमानजी असाध्य साधक हैं .रुद्रयामल के एकादशमुखिहनुमत्कवचम् में रक्षा,शान्ति,तुष्टि,पुष्टि,आरोग्य,अभय,अविघ्न ,महाविजय ,सौभाग्य,महालक्ष्मी प्रदान करने के लिए विनय की गयी है और हनुमानजी भक्तों की सर्व कामनाओं को पूर्ण करते हैं .ब्रह्मांडपुराण के नारद अगस्त्य संवाद में शिव पार्वती प्रसंग है .
    पार्वतीजी ने पूछा कि .संग्राम,घोर संकट ,भूत प्रेतादि का भय,दुःख की दावाग्नि से संतप्त शोकाकुल लोगों की रक्षा कैसे हो सकती है .(शोकाकुलानां लोकानां केन रक्षा भवेद्ध्रुवम् ॥
    सङ्ग्रामे सङ्कटे घोरे भूतप्रेतादिके भये ।दुःखदावाग्निसन्तप्तचेतसां दुःखभागिनाम् ॥).
    शिवजी ने कहा कि मैं लोगों की हितकामना के लिए उस कवच का वर्णन करता हूँ जो रामचन्द्रजी ने विभीषण को दिया था .इससे साधक के समस्त कामनाओं की पूर्ति होती है .सर्वान् कामानवाप्नोति सत्यं श्रीरामभाषितम् ॥


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