Most Powerful Shiva Meditation Mantras

Trayambakam means the Three-Eyed One or the One Having the Tri-Netra. Trayambakam or Trayambak is another name of Shiva, which is also a part of the most sacred and powerful Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Chant and invokes the Third-Eye of Shiva for protection from death and disease.

Trayambakam also means, the Shiva whose Shakti is the Goddess Ambika, the Adi Shakti who has also manifested at the same time as the Tri-Devi. In Shaktism there is no difference on Shiv and Shakti, when one meditates upon Shiva, he is meditating upon Shakti and vice versa.

In this post, I have a described a very simple but most powerful and effective method of meditating upon Shiva as Trayambakam.

This is a long term meditation, which will protect the practitioner from death and disease and also give him Moksha or Liberation from the cycle of life and death.

There are two versions of the same Mantra, the meaning of both is the same and the effects and benefits of both these Mantras is the same.

Most Powerful Mantras to Meditate on the Third Eye of Lord Shiva

ॐ त्रम्बकाय नमः ||
Om Trambakaaya Namah ||

ॐ त्र्यंबकेश्वराय नमः ||
Om Trayambakeshwaraaya Namah ||

Meaning of this Shiva Mantra “I worship the Shiva whose Shakti is the Tridevi Ambika”

The practitioner can select anyone of these two Mantras and chant them like a long term meditation Mantra.

The full effects of this Shiva Mantra Meditation will start taking effect after the practitioner crosses 900,000 Mantra Chants.

There is no need to keep track or count the number of Mantra Chants because while doing so the practitioner is likely to concentrate more on the counting rather than the Mantra.

However, if you want to chant a fixed number of Malas per day, then you can use a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary.

Note- Many more Shiva Mantras, including some versions of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra can be seen in the section on – Shiva Mantra and Prayers


  1. dear sir,
    i have been trying to reach you since long. can you please share with me your active email address. i also don't see any form on your website wherein i can post my query, hence it is my humble request to share your email address.

  2. For any mantra i believe you need deeksha. Can a mantra be chanted without deeksha? Can you please suggest a mantra that can be recited wihtout deeksha, which is for fearlessness, enemy attack especially on mind? it would be great help if you could suggests something.

    1. You can post your queries in the comments section, whenever Mantra Diksha is needed, it is mentioned in the concerned post, if it is not mentioned then Diksha is not needed.
      There are many Mantras for your problem, you can see the Protection and Enemy Mantra Sections.

  3. dear Neel sir, the second mantra seem to miss a "k"? isn´t this written in hindi as: Trayambakeshwaraaya?

  4. भगवान् त्र्यम्बक के जप ध्यान से कालभय निवारण की कथा शिव पुराण,स्कंध पुराण ,पद्म पुराण
    आदि में आती है .मन्त्र शास्त्र में वेदोक्त "त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे "को ही मृत्युंजय नाम प्राप्त है .यों
    पुराणों में इस मन्त्र का भाष्य,विधान,पटल,पद्धति ,स्तोत्र आदि सब कुछ मिलते हैं .शिव पुराण
    सती खंड में इसका विस्तृत भाष्य है 'विष्णु धर्मोत्तर 'आदि में "त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे "के हवनादि के भेद से अनेक अर्थ-काम साधक आदि दूसरे भी काम्य प्रयोग बताये गए हैं --त्र्यम्बकं यजामहेति
    होमः सर्वार्थ साधकः .धतूर पुष्पम सघृतं तथा हुत्वा चतुष्पथे .शून्ये शिवालये वापि शिवात कामानवाप्नुयात .हुत्वा च गुग्गुलम राम स्वयं पश्यति शंकरम ..

  5. Sir, i ask if the pronunciation of the I mantra is: trambakaya or trayambakaya. Thank you


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