Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mantra to Know Stock Market Opening Price in Dreams

In this post, I have written about a Mantra to see the opening prices of commodities in the stock market and speculative commodities in a dream. Stock Market, in the context of this post also includes all forms of “Satta” or legal and illegal gambling in which bets are placed on the opening prices of all kinds of shares, bonds, commodities, including gold, silver, precious metals and financial instruments.

There is no special Tantra prescribed for this Mantra, there is also no Siddhi Sadhana or any other ritual that is associated with this Future Knowing Mantra.

There is also no special date or Shubh Muhurat or Shubh Tithi prescribed for starting the chanting of the Mantra, which implies that it can be started on any day.

The Mantra given in this post has to be first fully memorized by heart and then chanted as much as possible, in order to make it work.

Future Known Mantra to Know Stock Market Opening Price in Dreams

ॐ क्षां क्षीं क्षूं क्षैं क्षौं क्षः भगवति सर्व निमिति प्रकाशिनी वाग्वादिनि अहिफेनस्य मासं धुवां कं कथय कथय स्वप्नं दर्शय दर्शय ठः ठः |
Om Kshaam Kshim Kshoom Kshaim Kshaum Kshaah Bhagawati Sarva Nimiti Prakaashini Vaagvaadini Ahifenasya Maasam Dhuvaam Kam Kathaya Kathaya Swapnam Darshaya Darshaya Thaah Thaah ||

A specified number of Mantra Chants has not been prescribed, hence, the Mantra must as mentioned earlier be chanted as much as possible for gaining Siddhi.

As per the Tantra, the practitioner will see the opening numbers of the stock market, prices of bonds and speculative commodities, goods, bonds, shares, money and financial instruments and metals like gold, silver and copper in a dream.

Notes- This site cannot guarantee the sure shot success of this paranormal remedy as all the information given in this post is based upon the writing of this rare and uncommon Tantra.

This site also does not endorse gambling and speculative activities of any kind.

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  1. नमस्कार - क्या इसमे दिशा का बंधन नहीं है ? आसान और वस्त्र का कोई महत्तव नहीं है ? समय अवधि यानि कितने दिनों की साधना है ? किस माला का प्रयोग होगा ? माला संस्कारी होनी चाहिए ? प्रयोग विधि क्या होगी ?

    1. As pointed out in the post, there is no Vidhi or any other rules given for this Mantra, it has to be chanted as often as possible to gian Siddhi.

  2. sir has this worked for anyone before.


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