Yantra to Get Success By Kula or Ishta Devata

In this post, I have written about a very useful Yantra Experiment for getting success or fulfilling wishes and desired with the blessing of the Yantra to get success with the blessings of the Kula or Ishta Devata. This Yantra can be most beneficial for those people who have tremendous faith in their Kula Devta or Ishta Devta.

Kula Devta is the family deity and Ishta Devta is the favored deity of the practitioner. If you do not know who your Kula Devta or do not have a Kula Devta, then you can dedicate this Manokamna Purti or wish fulfilling Yantra to your favorite deity or the deity in whom you have the most faith or whom you love the most.

The Yantra is simple to make and you can make it on white colored paper using black, blue or any other ink.

The Yantra should be prepared on the weekly day of the deity. For example, if you want to dedicate the Yantra to Laxmi Mata, then you can make the Yantra on a Friday or if you are dedicating it to Shiva make it on a Monday.

Most Efective and Beneficial Yantra to Get Success By Kula or Ishta Devata
Then, you have to worship the Yantra by lighting Dhoop and Diya and offering flowers and Naivedya.

Then, you must sit before the Yantra and chant any Mantra of that deity, for example, for  Shiva, you can chant – Om Namah Shivaya or for Hanuman – Om Shri Hanumante Namah

You can chant these or any of your favorite Mantras of these or any other deity 108 times, if you do this with full faith and devotion, then the Mantra is sure to breath life into the Yantra and make it a most powerful charm for getting success or for fulfilling any kind of wish or desire.

If you have a Kula Devta, but are attracted towards some other deity, then you can worship the Kula Devta and then make the Yantra and dedicate it to your Ishta Devta by worshiping the Ishta Devta in the same manner, which is described above.

Then, you have to keep the Yantra on your body, it can be placed inside your wallet or purse or placed inside a locket and worn around the neck.

Notes- This is simple, yet most effective paranormal experiment for getting success or fulfilling any wish or desire.

Kindly, practice this Yantra Prayog for fulfilling Satvik wishes and desires, which are realistic and not some sort of fantasy.

If you attempt this Yantra Prayog and get the desired results, please share your experiences in the comments section so that others can benefit from them.


  1. Respected Guruji,
    My Kula devta is my dad who is none other than Lord Shiva.

  2. Hi can you do this for two Ishta Devtas separately for two different wishes?

  3. Sir, if i want to dedicate this yantra to Lord Krishna, which day of the week is auspicious??

    1. Even though there is no special day of the week dedicated to the worship of Shri Krishna, you can make the Yantra on a Thursday, which is considered effective for the worship of Vishnu.

  4. Sir namaste i am aravind I have so much pain beacouse my wife left me I want come her back.i worshiped lots of God but I did not get any reasut I am in lots of pain give me a good option to come her back i beg you sir i need your help sir please please i beg you sir tell me what to do I beg you lot sir i worshiped lots of God no reasult

    1. You can continue chanting any Beej Mantra of your favored deity.


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