Tantra to Gain Siddhi over Shabar Mantras

In this post, I have described a special Tantra to gain Siddhi over any Shabar Mantra, if you have been unable or unsuccessful in gaining Siddhi over a Desired Shabar Mantra, including Vashikaran, Mohini, Maran, Stambhan or any other kind of Shabar Mantra.

Those Sadhaks who fail in getting Siddhi over a Desired Shabar Mantra can practice this one time Tantra by following the basic guidelines given below in order to awaken the deity of the Shabar Mantra over which they are trying to get Siddhi, but have failed in their attempts.

Hidden Secret Tantra to Gain Siddhi over Desired Shabar Mantras

1] On a Sunday, take a Kans Ki Thali or bronze plate and clean it with Vibhuti or the sacred ash from any temple or the Place of Worship or Altar in your house.

Water should not be applied and only the Vibhuti should be lightly applied over the bronze plate.

2] Then, during each of the Four Prahar of the night, the practitioner should keep the Kans Ki Thali before him and sit down comfortably and chant the Desired Mantra for 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Chants.
First Prahar- 6 to 9 PM
Second Prahar- 9 to 12 PM
Third Prahar – 12 to 3 AM
Fourth Prahar- 3 to 6 AM
However, you can check the Panchang or ask someone to confirm these timings.

3] Then, after completing the chanting the Desired Mantra in the Fourth Prahar of the night, the practitioner take take stick of the Khair Ka Ped in his hand and beat it on the Kans Ki Thali once and then request the “Mantra Ke Devta” or the “Deity of the Mantra” to become Jagrit or Awaken.

The Khair Ka Ped is called as Senegalia catechu in the English language and the stick can be small and sturdy.

The small three word request to the Deity of the Mantra can be chanted in any language, including your mother tongue.

Note- The Mala, Disha and Aasan will be the same which you are using for the Desired Mantra that you are attempting to Master. If none is prescribed, then you can use any Mala or Aasan and face any Direction.

There is no other ritual or Tantra prescribed for this Prayog to gain Siddhi over any Desired Mantra.

This Tantra will only apply only to those Shabar Mantras over which the practitioner has failed to gain Siddhi, even after following all the necessary steps that have been prescribed for gaining Siddhi over that Desired Shabar Mantra.

This Mantra Prayog should be practiced with intensity, will power and self belief. Half hearted attempts will get you nowhere.


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