Answering Oracle Yantra to Predict Future

The Yantra described in this post works like an answering oracle and can answers any questions you have in mind, including questions related to love, gain of money and wealth, fame and health. This magical charm is most accurate and gives the correct answers, provided you have the ability to concentrate for a couple of minutes.

The Yantra works in the same manner like a tarot reading or an answering 8 ball or a future predicting answering machine.

This future predicting Yantra contains 9 squares, with a special Hindi letter in 8 of the squares and a hypnotic circle in the center.

If you have any question in mind, then you have to do Tratak or gaze with concentration on the hypnotic circle in the middle of the Yantra for about 2-3 minutes.

Then, one of the 8 letters will move into the center of the Yantra, which will be the answer to your question.

The meanings of all the 8 letters have been given given below.

Answering Oracle Charm to Predict Future

1] श्री - Increase in status, wealth, business, education and growth in everything.

2] ध – Have patience and wait for the right opportunity.

3] अ – Positive thing are likely to happen and fortune will favor or luck will be on your side.

4] गु - Gain of hidden wealth from unlikely or unexpected sources or discovery of hidden treasure.

5] की - You will get fame, honor,, respect and recognition.

6] श – Good health and physical pleasures.

7] व – Success in Vashikaran or attracting and enchanting other people.

8] वा - Vacha Shakti or getting the power to make the spoken word come true or gain of oratory skill and the ability to convince others.

The ability to get the correct answers depends upon your ability to comfortably concentrate upon the hypnotic circle for 2 to 3 minutes. The question for which you are seeking an answer should be specific and to the point.

This is not some kind of psychic ability test, but a Hindu Charm that is said to generate the most powerful kind of vibration that have the paranormal ability to foretell the future. 


  1. Pranams,
    But with this, there is NO negative answers, all the 08 are someway or other positive only,,,,,
    Kindly clarify,
    Thanks n regards

    1. That is how this Yantra has been composed in the original Bhavishya Gyan Tantram.

  2. I was born on 17/11/1975
    23:52 in Surat,Gujarat...never succeded in satta or share market...but I think I can be pl suggest me some remedy..

  3. Pls I'm from Ghana West Africa I'm seriously sick help me with any voodoo spell or mantra. My problem is heart problem


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