Information on Very Rare Yantras

Sadhaks and dear readers today,  I will share with you all the information on some very rare and unknown Yantras, which are never heard of and are extremely extremely powerful and work very efficiently, but the science of making these Yantras is lost, but there are still a lot of rare items and Yantras, Mantras Sadhanas etc available with some Guru Parampargat Sadhaks- Post By a Regular Reader.

These Yantras were used earlier but with the passing of time, the knowledge about these Yantras became rare and known only to a very few persons.

These Yantras described by me are not available anywhere on Internet or in any books.

Information on Very Rare and Unknown Hindu Yantras

Special Yantras
1)  Bali Yantra
This Yantra is used for psycho patients or people who think that everything has come to an end and there is no hope in life and that they cant do anything, life is over etc. The Yantra is useful for patients of depression and anxiety, for protection of house and protection from miseries.

This Yantra is prepared on red Bhojpatra with Ashtgandh and Hathimad mixed in Divya Ark as ink and Champa Kalam as pen when moon is in its own Rashi(sign).

2) Mahideep Yantra
This Yantra is prepared in Panchmukhi Deepak with 5 different variety of Muds, which are collected from Talab, Nadi, Mandir, Vat tree and Rajdwar in Swati Nakshatra and then Beej Mantras are chanted to make it a Siddh Yantra written in Deepak using Agnishikha Thorn.

The benefit of this Yantra is wish fulfillment or Karya Siddhi in any venture or task or desire when this Yantra is embeded, the Panchmukhi Deepak is burned.

3) Sammohanishki Yantra
This is a very powerful Yantra which is kept behind the neck where usually near the tags of shirts or tea-shirts and it creates a very intense hypnotic and attractive charm in you wherever you go people will get attracted and they will give respect.

The coating of a special seed is taken and on it the Yantra is written with Gaulochan and rose water with special twig on Shukla Paksh Thursday.

4) Sakhimilanki Yantra
This Yantra is written on twin seeds coating and special 9 letters are embedded on the coatings and it is used basically for attracting females in social circles.

5) Asht-Nashini Yantra
It destroys the 8 types of bad effects, used in Vastu problems, Feng Shui problems and enemies destruction.

It is prepared on Tamra Patra with 64 Divya Aushadi Ark written with special twig.

6)Sangi-Vangi-Priyangi Yantra
This is a group of Yantras made using wild cotton which is bought in the period of a special Nakshatra and Kajal is prepared with that cotton and the Yantras are written with that Kajal.

 It is written on Bhojpatra,  Sangi and Vangi are worn on left and right hands and Priyangi is worn in neck.

This is a very powerful Yantra to attract anyone and practice Mass Sammohan that is attracting a  group of people, it can also be used for attracting a particular family or Rajmohan.

7)Bhairvastaki Yantra
This Yantra is very helpful in removing Tantra problems,  Bhoot Pret problems, diseases etc.

This Yantra is very effective in removing and repulsing black magic and it is made using part of Akarkara written with Kasturi,  Kesar and Vanshlochan.

8) Vastuti Chakram Nidhi Yantra
This Yantra is made on silver using special items and processes and hanged in the house for attracting positive energy,  Tantra Badha removal and protection from evil.

These all are very intense Yantras and extremely rare, I will share more information on different items and powerful Yantras in future.


  1. Very good experience and as well as interpretation. Thanks a lot for posting it.

  2. neelji, namaskaar. Please guide "will mantra once started continue with the sadhaka forever, even if practice is stopped in between?" i am confused. it hppens with me everytime

    1. If it is Siddh, then it will stay forever, otherwise it is difficult.

  3. How to obtain these yantras??
    Your help appreciated.

  4. Blackmagic stuff in my stomach, done in seaside and cemetery. it is creating problem and enemy everywhere . My mother and brother passed away. I went to ask for help nobody wanted to help and some ran away. Most of the people who helped me has passed away. I need a solution to put and end to it. Please help me.

    1. I have similar problems like yours. Try this link and see whic remedy suits you. They seem to of luck


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