Most Simple Remedy to Stop Black Magic Entering Home

In this post, I have described a most simple and easy to prepare and use Yantra Remedy to stop any kind of black magic from entering your home. This numerical charm is said to pre-empt and ward-off any kind of Jade Tona, Kiya Karaya or any other Voodoo Spell originating from your enemies, rivals, competitors or any evil spell caster, Aghori Tantrik or Bhagat from entering your house.

The Yantra as mentioned above is a very simple and straightforward black magic repulsing Yantra, which works in the same manner as a protective talisman for the house.

This Yantra can be used by common folks who are unable to chant Mantras or Stotras or perform any kind of religious or exorcism ritual because this is a straightforward numerical talisman to ward-off back magic spells and prevent them from entering a place.

Most Simple Hindu Yantra Spell  to Stop Black Magic Entering Home

If you suspect that your house or property has been targeted by black magicians or voodoo spell casters, engaged by your enemies and you wish to put an end to their nefarious activities, you can draw the Yantra, shown in the image with black colored ink on a white piece of paper.

Then, you must fold the Yantra and insert it in small hole, crack or gap in the main door/ entrance of your house.

If there are no holes, cracks or gaps on the main door then you can stick it on some corner of the main door from where it is difficult for any person to easily visualize.

It is better to make a small Yantra and then fold it so that it can easily fit into any gap in the main door.

Notes- As mentioned above there are no prescribed rules for making and using this black magic repulsing Yantra and it can be prepared and used at any time on any day.

The Yantra can also be used for protecting your shop, office, business place or any other property, if you suspect that it is being targeted by your enemies or unfriendly persons with the help of Tantriks, black magicians and evil voodoo spell casters.

Many more black magic removing, repulsing or preventing Mantras, Yantras and Talismans can be seen in the various sections of this site, including the section on- Exorcism Rituals

Those who find it difficult to understand English properly can watch the Hindi language video of the same Yantra on our YouTube Channel-


  1. can a man wear it as locket to stop black magic dine by enemies??
    , coz black magic mostly done to human than home ,
    please give a yantra so that no black magic affect a human , thankyou . .

    1. This is a Yantra to protect a place, for self protection Yantras, please see the section on Exorcism Mantras or do a site search.

  2. Hi.. Can this be inserted in door frame instead of door.. Is it to be shown dhoop everyday...

  3. After folding is it ok to laminate and then insert to protect from wearwand tear or pests..

    1. It can be inserted in the door-frame, it can be laminated, but the Yantra should be small and not easily visible to everyone.

  4. How long do we need to keep this on? Do we need to replace it after some time?

    1. There is no need to replace the Yantra, it can be done only if it gets damaged.


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