Dream or Real Experience of Hanuman

In this post, I have described the possible interpretation about a dream abut Hanuman. Even, though, I get numerous mails regarding all kinds of dreams, I have decided to publish this mail regarding a dream about Hanuman because I find that it is unlike most dreams about Hindu and other Gods and Goddesses.

The mail received from this Hanuman Bhakt has been reproduced as it is, except his name, which, I have withheld for privacy purposes.

Dream or Real Experience of Hanuman shared By a Reader

Respected Sir,
I am a regular viewer of prophet666.com blog and it is really one of the best and most useful blogs I have ever seen. Thank you. I am a 21 year old Engineering student. Also, I am a Hanuman devotee. On the night of 28th October 2018, I had a dream where in the following incident took place:

I was at home chatting with my family and suddenly I heard footsteps of someone walking up the stairs. Later when the door was opened, I saw that it was Lord Hanuman himself. I started crying with happiness as well as I had one desire which Hanuman had to fulfill.

That was Moksha. I found that rest of my family members were dying and I remained at the last. I held his feet and begged him to give me salvation. At last I found myself to be dead in this dream and then my sleep went off after this dream.

Sir, can you please tell me the significance of this dream as soon as possible? Because this is unlike any other dream of Hanuman I had in my entire life. Please tell me the reason of this dream occurring to me.

Thanking you in advance.
Yours Sincerely, XXX

The dream seen by the reader, is in my opinion based upon certain experiences and privileged information about this subject, actually not a dream but an actual Darshan or Vision of Hanuman.

Such rare occurrences normally occur during the state of “threshold consciousness” or the Half-Awake or Half-Asleep State and in some rare cases like the one described in this post, it is not lucid dreaming or hallucination, but an actual occurrence experienced by the Astral Body of the experiencer.

In this state there are rare instances in which, the Astral Body of the “dreamer” leaves the physical body and experiences certain paranormal or supernatural experiences. When the experiencer wakes up, he thinks that he was dreaming, when if-fact, the Astral Body was awake and experiencing something.

In this specific incident, the experiencer as mentioned above had a Darshan of Hanuman and requested Hanuman for “Moksha” which was the true or innermost wish or desire of his Astral Body.

The deaths of his family members and then himself, which he saw in the “dream” was actually his Astral Body viewing his sleeping family members and then his own sleeping physical body, which he mis-interpreted as the deaths of his family members and himself.

This is a most rare and auspicious incident of a devotee of Hanuman being blessed by the Darshan of Hanuman.

This devotee of Hanuman is sure to get his innermost wish of getting “Moksha” being fulfilled by the grace and blessings of Hanuman. 


  1. Saranagati is the best¨/easiest means for (Moksa)
    Jai Sri Ram

  2. Saranagati(Initiation & Surrender) is the easy way out
    & best means for Moksa (Liberation)

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