Yantra to Divide Enemy and his Servants

In this post, I have described a Videshan Yantra for dividing or seperating an enemy and his servants, subordinates or gang or group members. This Videshan Yantra, which is also called as the Swami and Shishya Videshan Yantra is also used to divide a Guru and his Disciple, an Employer and his Employee or any other person, including a Householder from his Servant.

In short this special kind of Videshan Yantra is used by Tantriks to divide any person, including those mentioned above and his servants or subordinates by creating rifts, and fights between them, including bloody and life taking fights.

This is an Aghora or Fearsome Yantra Prayog and should be used or practiced with a lot of care and caution as causing harm to innocent persons using Voodoo Spells of this kind is extremely dangerous as such spells can rebound and reverse back to the originator of the spells.

This Guru-Shishya Videshan Yantra is practiced by following the procedure given below.

1] The Yantra can be prepared on any day by drawing it on a piece of cloth, which has been used to cover a dead body in a graveyard or a Smashan Bhoomi because special Tithi or Muhurat has not been prescribed anywhere in the Tantra for making or using this Videshan Yantra.

Videshan Yantra to Divide Enemy and his Sevaks

2] The practitioner has to mix any kind of poison with any kind of blood, including the blood of an animal or even his own blood and use this blood-poison mixture as the ink and the pointed end of a feather of a crow as the pen for drawing the Videshan Yantra on the piece of cloth.

The name of the Enemy has to be written in the center of the Yantra in place of the word- नाम.

3] This Videshan Yantra has to be worshipped and an oil lamp and incense stick have to lit before the Yantra.

4] Then, the practitioner has to bury the Videshan Yantra on the road that is normally used by the enemy and his servants.

As per the Videshan Tantra, when the foot of the enemy and any of his servants or employees falls on the spot under which the Videshan Yantra is burred, there will be differences, fights, quarrels between the enemy and that particular servant and they will be divided.

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