Kayakalp Sadhana for Health and Beauty

This article, Sadhaks and readers is very important not only for girls and females, but everyone, including men and boys. For the first time here I am giving you all an effective Shatpushpa Kayakalp Sadhana,  which is very beneficial for the health of the body and for increasing beauty – Post By a Sadhak, 

The main benefits of practicing this Sadhana are given below.

1) It enhances your physical beauty and makes you beautiful/ handsome.

2) It increases your physical strength.

3) This Sadhana removes skin scars,  black-spots,  dark spots,  wrinkles and other skin diseases and makes your skin glowing and beautiful and strengthens and purifies the skin.

Traditional Indian Kayakalp for Health and Beauty

4) It increases Tej or luster and purifies your body and remove ailments.

5) Increases your mind and brain power and improve memory power.

6) Reduces hair fall and whitening of the hair and is good for hair growth.

7) Increases your Pachan Agni or digestive fire.

8) It gives relief to females having menstrual and other related problems and ailments.

9) Problems related to Vat Pit and mucus problems are cured by doing this Kalp.

10) Increases age and makes you healthy.

Shatpushpa or Anethum Graveolens

Very Important
Those having problems in bearing a child, like infertility in women will find this Sadhana helpful, it is a boon for childless couples.

It is very effective and beneficial in getting relief from problems related to miscarriage and also menstrual cycle related problems.

The procedure of practicing this Sadhana is described below.

1] You have to take 400 tola approx 4kg as 1 tola= 10-11 gms of Soya Seeds also called as Shatpushpa or Anethum Graveolens or Dill.

2] Then,  prepare a very fine powder of the seeds and filter it through a fine cloth and keep this powder in a new pot made of mud and every morning take 10-30 grams of this powder with Pure Ghee (clarified butter) and ensure that there is enough time between this dose and your lunch, so that the powder is digested by lunch time.

2] You should have a lunch of milk+ Rice or Bhat.

Practice this Kalp for 90 days and see the unexpected transformation in your health and beauty.

This is very good Kalp, which makes use of a rare procedure.

Along with this, the Sadhak or practitioner should do Surya Namaskar daily with Mantras and should offer Argya to the Sun. 


  1. Namsatee
    Pls clarify soya + Dill or only dill
    Some are allergic to soya pls include alternative

  2. आश्चर्य है ,चूर्ण खाना भी साधना है .

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is not a sadhana.This is a remedy.Ye to ek herbal aur ayurvedic type ka remedy hai.
    Indeed this is a long term remedy.

    1. I think you don't understand the meaning of sadhnas i will clarify it in the next post

    2. Jaanta hoon guruji....tratak kriya mein bhi koi mantra jaap nahin hota lekin wo sadhana kehlata hai....thik ussi prakar se isko agar remedy bola jaye toh uchit hoga....aisa mujhe lagta hai....kyun ki agar hum height badane ke liye 40 days tak koi ayurvedic powder ka sewan karte hain toh usko hum sadhana nahin bolte hain....aapne kis angle se sadhana bola hai wo main nahin janta....agar maine kucch galat bola ho toh kshyama karein....

  4. Soyabeen is an imported species from america. Its not used in Indian ayurveda. Soya been has high protein but it is not detestable by every one even science say so. And the thing which is not from over ancient ayurveda how come we trust on it?
    The main reason is even my body canot digest soya been i had try to consume it by verious types but it react not digest. Pls reply so that it helps to many people.

    1. Soya been and dill seeds are different
      Aslo all the remedies given are upto you that you practice or not This is all from ayurveda and this kalp is been given by rishi kashyap

    2. Dill seeds are not soya beans,
      Dill seeds are seeds of sua(Hindi) plant.
      Soya beans are totally different from which Nutella soya chunks and tofu are made.

  5. Thoda ak agyani ki bhi sun lo...
    Sadhna matlab kisibhi chiz ko successfully accomplish karna ya maharath hasil karna ya jiss uddesh se koi karya kiya jaye uss uddesh ko sadhya kar lena, accomplish kar lena ya achiv kar lena hota hai....jarrury nhi ki sadhna shabd sirf mantra se joda jaye..
    Aagar ak student top aane ke liye parishram kare or uss uddesh ko pura kar le ya accomplish kar le to usse bhi us vidhyarthi ki sadhna kah sakte hai.........
    Yaha achi health achiv karna aak uddesh hai ak aim hai......isliye iss prayog ko ham sadhna kah sakte hai qki hame iss prayog me health ko Sadhana hai...

  6. Respectable Guruji,
    Namaskar. Thank you for all your information..
    I am Italian, i do not understand what is "Bhat" (alternative at rice for lunch) and please I don't understand what is" Argya" for the Sun. Can you kindly give me an explanation, please? Sorry I don't speak English very well. Thank you

    1. Argya means offering water to sun
      U can try having white rice with milk if possible

  7. Dear Aditya Sir,

    Is this the same sadhana that makes you young and gives strength of a 1000 elephants?

    1. There are different sadhnas for the purpose you are stating
      Shamsham kali
      Kuli kundi
      Hanumant mahaveer
      Narayan kalp
      many are or different categories

  8. आदित्य कविराज जी,
    सादर नमस्कार ।
    कृपया ध्यान दें कि आपने सोवा को सोया लिख दिया है जो कि सोयाबीन का भ्रम उत्पन्न करता है । सोया के बीजों का पाउडर अर्थात आटा सीधे खाने योग्य नही होता जबकि सोवा यानि Dill Seeds का पाउडर बना के घी के साथ खाया जाता है । नम्रता के साथ निवेदन है कि इसे clearify करें ।

    1. Ok, thanks for the clarification, I thought that you and guru swami were the same person.


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