Totka to Prevent Business Sabotage

In this post, I have described a very simple paranormal remedy or Totka for business persons who are fearful that they may be cheated and harmed by some unscrupulous elements by supplying then with stolen or counterfeit goods or trap them by hiding drugs or any other kind of banned narcotic substances in their shops of business premises.

This easy to practice and standalone paranormal remedy is also applicable to those businessperson who fear that they may be cheated by their suppliers by supplying them with adulterated or banned goods.

Such instances are most common and many times innocent business persons are framed or trapped by their rivals in order to destroy their reputations and businesses and get into trouble with the law enforcement agencies.

Hindu Occult Remedy to Prevent Business Sabotage

This Totka, which, I have explained in this post is so simple and easy to perform that any person can practice it effortlessly in order to protect his business.

The remedy has to be practiced on Sundays, in the morning or evenings. The businessperson has to light Loban Ka Dhoop in a small plate and take it to every nook and corner of his shop, office or business place. Loban Ka Dhoop is an easily available incense, which is prepared using Benzoin.

This simple Totka can be effectively used in order to safeguard your business and reputation from sabotage of any kind.

The Totka, which is effective in removing negative and harmful vibrations and energies from a place can also be used to protect your home from the malefic schemes of unfriendly elements who are planning dangerous schemes against you and want to harm you.

However, the Totka will not work if you are already engaged in any of the illegal activities that have been mentioned earlier in this post.

Note- This is simple but effective variation of the evil energies removal remedies that operate on the same principle and most of them use a certain substance, like Kapur or Camphor or a combination of certain substances, which are lit and moved around in the business place or shop for the same purpose. Such remedies are called in the Hindi language as " Ghar Ya Dukan ko Dhoop Dene Ke Upay"

There is no need to chant and Mantra or Prarthana in order to practice this paranormal remedy.

Many more Paranormal Remedies, Tone, Totke, Upay for similar purposes can be seen in the various sections of this site, including the sections on Exorcism Rituals, Totke from the Lal Kitab and Paranormal Remedies.


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