Extremely rare and very powerful Prosperity Packet

Sadhaks and dear readers if anyone is facing any sort of problem in life and if the work or tasks in which you are involved are not going well or as per expectations then if you do this very small remedy or Totka you will get very good results. - Post By a Sadhak. 

This is extremely easy, but a one of a kind paranormal remedy or Totka.

The simple procedure of practicing this one of a kind remedy has been given below.

Extremely rare and very powerful Prosperity Packet

Take 5 Elaichi as it is, 5 Loung, 5 Mishri Dana and a few strands of original Kesar and put all these items in a plate in front of Laxmi Narayan and then light 2 Agarbatti and a Pure Ghee Diya and energise the Samagri by chanting the Shree Sukt 11 times or 3 times as per your wish or comfort and say a prayer in your own words to Laxmi Narayan for blessing you with success.

Then,  put all this Samagri in a small zip pack and always keep that pack in your front pocket whenever you go out for any task.

You can remove the packet and keep it in your Puja Place near Laxmi Narayan while bathing,  sleeping and other periods of time when you are free.

This remedy seems to be very simple and easy but it is extremely effective and powerful.

Just try this remedy and you will see noticeable changes in your career in a very short period of time.

And try to chant the Vishnu Sahasranam 1 time daily if possible.

May Lord Hari Narayan bless you all with success in fulfilling your good desires, dreams and ambitions


  1. mr.aditya..sir,people like me with no any knowledge of sanskrit words or the ability to read the sri sukt correctly,so in this situation,once the prosperity packet is prepared can i keep it at the feet of narayan and lakshmi with ghee lamp and pray that it gives me success..would it work that way or is the reading of the sri sukt is a must..a reply from you would be greatly appreciated sir.thank you

    1. No problem
      You can read any laxmi mantra along with om namo narayanay 108 times

      For everyone who have difficulty in shri sukt can read any laxmi stotra or laxmi mantra they know
      Mantra 108 times and stotra 11 times

  2. Is there any specific vidhi to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam..

  3. hello... just to be more specific... Laskhmi Narayan means, a combined Photos of Narayan and Lakshmi ?

  4. Aditya Sir,
    i have couple of quesions
    1) is this remedy only for money related or overall success
    2) when mishri is all used up what to do then..
    3) can i keep during periods ?
    4) Can i keep in purse sometimes when i am wearing no pocket
    5) what day shd we do it, any auspicious day or time needed ??
    can i do in the evening, after work


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