Atma Raksha Talisman for Protection from Evil

The person who is in need of Atma or Swayam Raksha can also practice the Bina Mantra Ka Atma Raksha Upay or a Paranormal Remedy for Self-Protection without the need of the chanting of any Atma Raksha Mantra. This Tantric Upay makes the use of a magical protective talisman using the root of the Peepal tree.

This Tantric Upay invokes the Sacred Fig or Peepal Ka Ped for protecting him from all kinds of paranormal, mystical or ghostly energies.

The Upay is performed by following the following steps:

1] The Upay is of 11 days and it should be started on any Saturday.

2] The practitioner should visit the Peepal Ka Ped daily and light a Diya near the trunk of the tree and say a small prayer to the Peepal tree “Keep bless me with Atma Raksha Kavach, I will always worship you with utmost faith and sincerity”

3] On the 11th day, the practitioner should after lighting the Diya and say the daily prayer,  offer a Prasad of Mithai to the Peepal tree and then remove a small portion of the root of the Peepal tree and take it back to his home.

4] He should then, wrap the Peepal Ka Jad in a piece of red colored cloth and keep it on his body like a talisman, he can wear it around the neck or upper right hand or simply keep it in his pocket.

This completes this remedy for seeking the protection of the Peepal Ka Ped against ghosts, evil spirits and other similar entities and energies.

Note- A similar paranormal remedy for protection against Kala Jadu or the activities of any Dangerous Tantric or Black Magician was published some time earlier. That remedy also uses the same Tantra and it can be seen here – Totka to Remove Black Magic done by an Evil Tantric

The difference between that remedy and this one is that remedy was against a specific Aghori Tantric and this is a general purposes self-protection remedy for all round protection, which make the use of the root of the Peepal tree as a Protective Talisman.


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