How to Immediately Stop Superstitions Using a Mantra

Almost everyone suffers from some or the other kind of superstition that has been ingrained into their minds either over a long period of time, spontaneously or due to some sort of coincidence. In this post, I will explain how to get rid of it quickly and effortlessly by using a simple Mantra of your Ishta Devta.

I have over a period of time come across a lot of people who harbor some or the other kind of superstition and believe that if they do not perform some specific action something will go wrong or they will face problems, difficulties, dangers or obstacles.

Mantra to Immediately Stop Superstitions

Some common superstitions are given below.
1] Touching or performing some action 2, 3 or more number of times.

2] Sitting or standing in the same place until a specific action occurs.

3] Looking at something for a specific period of time or repeated turning the head and looking at something 2, 3 or more times.

4] Doing something in threes or 3 times.

5] Looking in the mirror again and again.

6] Crossing the fingers or touching wood or some other thing.

These and many other actions that are performed believing that something will go wrong if the actions are not performed indicate that the individual suffers from either lack of energy or low energy and sometimes negative or harmful energy.

It is best to immediately stop following these superstitions, which might appear harmless at first sight because they can be compared to an addiction.

If you are unable to immediately stop them, then if you are a follower of Mantra Shastra you can immediately chant the Mantra of your Ishta or Favoured Devta or remember the Ishta Devta immediately.

For example, if you are a devotee of Hanuman, you can immediately remember Hanuman or chant any favored Mantra of Hanuman, like Jai Hanuman or Jai Veer Hanuman or any other Mantra of Hanuman.

There is absolutely no need to chant any lengthy Stotra, Mantra or Prarthana, any simple Mantra of the Ishta Devta is sufficient.

This is the simplest and most effective remedy to eradicate the superstitions that have made a place inside your mind. Remember that the superstition is nothing but weak, low or negative energy that is making you behave in that particular manner and nothing will go wrong if you do not perform that action.

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