Do Totke and Upay without Mantras Work

Many readers of our site have asked us from time to time over the past many years, if Tone, Totke and Upay really work without the use of  either a Mantra or a Yantra. The same is true of  the remedies from the Lal Kitab, which are mostly practiced using commonly available everyday uses items, like lentils, food grains and some other common items that are not infused by a special Mantra.

This is a question that most followers of  our site, which has been publishing all kinds of Indian Paranormal Remedies that do nor need the use of a Mantra or Yantra,  would like to know.

Tone, Totke and Upay are standalone Voodoo Spells that are cast for specific purposes, like Vashikaran,  Gain of Money and Wealth and Spells for resolution of Enemy Related Problems.

Do Indian Paranormal Remedies without Mantras Work

For example many Vashikaran Experiments make the use of a Tilak that is prepared using some or the other substance or a combination of substances, like Milk with Gorochana or Astagandha with Kesar and Kasturi.

These combinations are known to generate specific vibrations and charge the thought forms of the spell caster, like a battery and direct it towards a specific target.

The same is true of remedies that are practiced for the resolution of enemy related issues. For example a  Shatru Nivaran or Nashak Remedy making the use of the body parts or combination of body parts of creatures, like a crow, owl or scorpion works like a trigger to direct the thoughts of the spell caster in the direction of the enemy.

The end results depend upon the nature of the thought forms of the practitioner and the exact purpose for which he is practicing the remedy, like Maran, Videshan, Uchchatan or Stambhan.

Thus the items used in Tone and Totke are directly related to actual purpose for which the spell has been cast.

Fearsome or Taamas Guni Totke are those Totke which prescribe the harming or killing of any creature in order to use its body parts for practicing the Totka or those Totke that are practiced in a Samsham Bhumi or a graveyard or make the use of a corpse or its body parts or items that are used for funerals, like a shroud.

These Tone and Totke are based upon the experiences of Siddha Sadhaks, Yogis and Mystics who discovered the co-relation between certain substances and though forms or the chain reaction triggered-off by certain substances and certain specific thoughts.

The central ingredients for success in such paranormal remedies are the thought forms of the spell caster and a burning desire to succeed, accompanied by firm self belief, concentration and confidence.

Without will power and a burning desire to succeed, it is very difficult is successfully cast any kind of spell.

During the past few months, we have started publishing simple and uncomplicated videos in Hindi for most problems, including Vashikaran, Gain of Wealth and Resolution of Enemy Related Issues. These video have been made especially for the benefit of lay-persons, in the future, we will be adding some video on advanced Sadhanas.

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  1. Hello Sir. Sorry wrong place to ask this question. Would you know what is the purpose or why sri renuga parameswari yantra is used for? Tried googling.. Could not get any information regarding this yantra. Hope you could help. Thank you

    1. This is a Shakti Yantra for the devotees of Renuka Devi, generally used to get her blessings and resolve all problems.

  2. My mother seen dream that someone harming my son(grandson) , she objected to harm, from next day onwards she felt sick and saying someone doing magic, I will die soon.. Pl suggest my mother should live long till her sons(my brothers) get married.


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