Real Functioning of Vashikaran and Sammohan Mantras

Hello readers,  today I will tell you about the real functioning of the Vashikaran and Sammohan Mantra,  As of today the Internet is flooded with information about Vashikaran and Sammohan everywhere but the real functioning of Vashikaran is not known to many, only a very few people know about the real functioning of Vashikaran and how it works. - Post By Guru

 It's not as if this Tantra works like a magic, even though,  it seems to be working like magic when we get the result.  Vashikaran is possible and Vashikaran is a real process but the real functioning of Vashikaran is very complicated and specific there are many ways of doing Vashikaran but there are only three methods of doing Vashikaran -  1] either the person creates energy by doing some sort of Sadhana 2]  Vashikaran can be done or by making the targeted person eat something which is the most powerful method or by 3] touching some item

Whenever Vashikaran is being done on any person the first step is Sammohan then Akarshan and lastly Vashikaran.

Real Operation Behind Vashikaran and Sammohan Mantras

Any power generated with Sadhana or by any power that is Siddh by some person and is used for this purpose does this kind of Vashikaran.

It affects the Heart Chakra,  the Hridaya Chakra and the Agya Chakra the Third Eye of the person only Sammohan can penetrate the aura of a person so after first step Akarshan is done to attract that person and to make him think of the doer only lastly when they come Vashikaran is done by either making him or her eat or drink something or by some Siddh Siddhi.

Pitra Devta and Kul Devi Devtas of both persons and Grahas are also to be seen to perfectly do the process as sometimes these factors resist the power which in turn don't bear full results.

But yes! in the past,  I have witnessed many results of these process and many other people along with me have proof of these occurances.

There was a Vashikaran Shivir in 1995 in which 78 persons attended the program and 69 of them got positive results. Remaining people have not done the Sadhana neither have they done any process correctly and 3-4 of them were not having any relationship with the other person ie the other person was unknown.

With no knowledge of Vashikaran there are many frauds on Internet looting and giving false promises so be aware and don't go before advertisements as Vashikaran is not that easy and a very few knowing the full mechanism and some genuine items can only make it happen

One Vashikaran Remedy for today, which will increase red energy in you

Light a Ghee Lamp but first redden the cotton wick with Kumkum and then do Tratak on that and by your Agya Chakra take the rays from lamp into your Heart Chakra

For Sammohan or Akarshan or to solve disputes with lover and for genuine reasons only genuine people who are in problem and want advice on Vashikaran work can contact me by way of the contact form. 


  1. sir i need some money mantra sadhanna please give one

    i am having lots of money problem if u have any Gambling number mantra saddana please give

    ones again tank you for such saddana please help

  2. सादर प्रणाम,
    कृपया करे और हमें गुरु दीक्षा दिलाये.
    सम्मोहन, उसके तोड़, कवच, और किसनी ने गलत सम्मोहन किया हो तो उसे वापस कैसे भेजे यह सब सीखना है मुझे.


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