How to Chant Life Transforming Mantras

In this post, I have written about Life Transforming Mantras that are said to change the life of an individual and help him discover God. Many followers of Mantra Vidya often ask for a special or magical Mantra that will change their lives for the better, hence, this post should be useful for these people who wish to practice such Mantras.

The question of whether a Mantra can change their lives and make them evolve is very difficult to answer because it depends entirely upon the practitioner and whether he really wants to transform his life.

Many people will automatically give you a list of Life Transforming Mantras, like Om, Om Pami Padme Hum, Shri Gurudev Datta, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namo Narayana, Om Gam Ganapataye Namah, Soham or any other Mantra, which in their opinion will transform your life for the better or make you a new person or a spiritually advanced person or Yogi.

Various arguments about the powerful vibrations and magical properties of the sound waves or healing powers of these Mantras will be given and how they will transfer your life and aid in your evolution to higher levels of existence.

About Life Transforming Mantras and how to practice them

I have given below a few points for these spiritually inclined people to ponder over.

The Difference Between Wanting and Being
1] Most of the Mantras and prayers, including those published on are related to wanting or having something. For example, those who want money will chant Mantras for getting money or those wishing to attract someone will look for a Vashikaran or Mohini Mantra and so on.

Chanting these Mantras will sometimes fulfill their wishes or give them whatever they want. But it will not make them into a spiritually evolved being, even if they chant any of the Mantras from the sample list of Life Transforming Mantras mentioned above for the purpose of wanting or having something.

2] “Being” in the spiritual sense means you want to evolve into or “Be” a more advanced version of your present life form and want only peace of mind and nothing else.

In this case, you have only to keep chanting the Mantra and think of nothing else and want nothing and let the Mantra do the rest.

Some other important points to remember if you are trying to Transform your Life and Trying to Find God.

3] Some great philosophers say “You Find God when you stop Searching for Him” This means you have to silence your mind and remove all preconceived notions about God and simply keep chanting your preferred Mantra Chant.

4] “You Live Inside the Thing and the Thing lives inside Me” is a phrase, which is often seen on the earlier posts of this site and is self-explanatory about the true nature or form of God.

5] Another philosopher once said “Those who say they know are lying and those who know don't tell” This is another very important point to remember for people who are trying to Transform their Lives.

The main purpose of writing this article is to help our readers who are searching for a suitable Mantra but do not really know what they are trying to find because mechanically chanting any Devotional or Sacred Mantra without the right frame of mind will get you nowhere.

Note- There are some life-transforming Mantra Chants and Prayers for coming close to God or getting a Darshan of God are given on this site. However, the Vidhi and procedure for practicing these Mantras are as per the Tantra.


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