Powerful Beej Mantra for Getting Wealth

Today, I have given information about a Beej Mantra Sadhana for Sarv Karya Sidhhi or for the fulfillment of all tasks. This Beej Mantra is beneficial in increasing the chances of getting success in all sorts of work and tasks.- Post By Guru

The Mantra gives success in all matters and gives overall progress in all fields of life and brings prosperity to the Sadhak.

Beej Mantras are very powerful and they are easy to chant and anyone can chant Beej Mantras easily and can get benefits from these Mantras.

Powerful Root Mantra for Getting Wealth

The procedure of practicing this Sarva Karya Siddhi Beej Mantra is given below.

1] Start from any day of the Shukla Paksha.

2] Sit facing the north direction.

3] Light 2 Agarbattis and a Pure Ghee Diya.

4] Then do Pranayam 11 times, which means just inhale and exhale.

5] You have to do this Beej Mantra Sadhana early morning at sunrise.

6] Total chants for getting Siddhi is 125 thousand or 1 lakh 25 thousand Mantra Chants in the minimum time period possible for the Sadhak.

Om shreem shreem om om shreem shreem hum phat swaha

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