Secret Mantra Tantra to Become Invisible to Others

In this post, I have described one more Mantra-Tantra Prayog for acquiring the supernatural power of becoming Adrishya or invisible and not be seen by other people. This is an Occult Spell that is based on Jain Mantra Shastra, which contains numerous Sadhanas to get paranormal powers.

However, it should be mentioned that there has to be a secret key or Siddhi Sadhana that has not been disclosed in the Tantra because the Mantra Prayog is so simple that any person can practice it easily without difficulty.

The most probable reason why the Siddhi Sadhana is kept hidden is because this supernatural power can very easily be misused for nefarious or harmful purposes.

Secret Mantra Tantra to Become Invisible to Others

The Vidhi or procedure to practice this Mantra Prayog to become Adrishya or Invisible is given below.

1] Chant the Mantra given below just 7 times and remove the blood from any one of your fingers or body part and mix that blood in Karanj Ka Tel or  Pongamia Seed Oil in English. This oil should be pure and not adulterated or mixed with any other substance.

Om Rudhir Malini Swaha ||
ॐ रुधिर मालिनी स्वाहा ||

2] Then, remove the fibers from the Stem of a Lotus Flower and make a Batti or Wick from these fibers and then put this Wick in the Blood-Karanj Tel mixture and light it and let it burn to make a Soot or Kajal like substance, which has to be applied in the eyes in order to become invisible.

We have over the past many years published many such Mantras and Spells to gain the magical supernatural power to become invisible at will.

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However, it is very difficult to vouch for these Mantra Sadhanas and Spells because I have not come across any person who has gained the power of becoming invisible, which is the dream or fantasy of most people, including the practitioners of Mantra Shastra.

If anyone has knowledge or experience of these Sadhanas and Spells to turn invisible then they can share their knowledge by way of the comments section or the contact form.


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