Spell to Become Invisible to Everyone

This Magical Spells, which, I have described in this post to become invisible to all persons or invisible to the naked eye and to have a super-human night vision, first appear in the European text on Magic and spells, The Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus. The working appears to be quite similar to certain Indian Tantric Spells.

To Become Invisible- An ear of a black colored cat should be boiled in the milk of a black colored cow. A thumb cover should then be prepared from the boiled ear of the cat and worn on the thumb. Doing this, the text says will make the practitioner invisible to the naked eye.

To see everything in the Dark- Another similar spell from the same text, says that to be able to see everything in even the most darkest of nights, the eyes should be greased with the blood of a bat.

For successfully using both these spells, the text has not mentioned any other kind of ritual or timings or vocal spells.

Even though,  both these spells appear to be so simplistic that even a lay-person could use them to turn invisible or have a super-human night vision, there is surely a secret “Key’, which has been purposely omitted in the text. If that is not the case then, some or the other kind of magic mastery procedure very much like the “Siddhi Sadhana” has to be practiced before any of these or similar spells can be performed.

Note- I have personally neither used any of these spells nor seen or heard of anyone successfully implementing them.

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  1. इसी तारतम्य मे एक पुरानी पुस्तक . मे छपे "अदृश्य होना" शीर्षक मे दिया गया विवरण जानकारी हेतु प्रस्तुत है -
    जीवत खंजन लाइए फाल्गुन मास सुहाय l
    भादों तक तेहि राखिये पिंजरा बंद कराय ll
    तब ताकी सिख लेय के जंतर माँहि मढाय l
    राखै गोमुख ताहि जो सो फिर दीखै नाहिं ll

    (जंतर की विधि )--दस भाग सुवर्ण,बारह भाग तांबा
    और सोलह भाग चाँदी इन सबको मिलाकर जंतर बनावै.

    note-मैने विवरण ज्यों का त्यों लिख दिया है .पाठक अर्थ लगा लें .

  2. sir please tell us the Pashupatastra stotra and explain its benefits to us....!!!

  3. पाशुपत अस्त्र को अर्जुन ने तपस्या कर शिवजी से प्राप्त किया था .शिवजी ने कहा कि इसे चलाना नही पड़ेगा,पास मे रहने से ही विजय दिलाएगा .
    पाशुपतास्त्र स्तोत्र का एक बार जप करने से ही मनुस्य
    समस्त विघ्नो का नाश कर सकता है.सौ बार जप करने पर समस्त बाधाएँ,आपदाएँ,विपत्तियाँ तिरोहित हो जाती हैं .


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