Daring Islamic Uchchatan Mantra

This enemy disposal experiment described by me in this post is a Daring Islamic Uchchatan Mantra.  The word daring has been especially used by me to describe this Uchchatan Mantra Prayog because the Shabar Vidya Tantra, which contains this Enemy Elimination Voodoo Spell has stated that it should only be performed by a Bahadur or a Brave and Daring person.

The Mantra Prayoga should be performed on the last Tuesday of the Krishna Paksha or the Dark Fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month. The steps given below should be followed by the practitioner.
1] In the afternoon, the practitioner has to prepare Khichdi in his home.

2] Then, he has to take the Khichdi and some Curds to a Kabarasthan [Muslim Graveyard] and keep the Khichdi, Curds and 1 small stone upon a total of 23 Barkers[Graves].

3] Then, he should collect the Khichdi, Curds and Stones, which he has kept of each of the 23 Kabars, in a piece of cloth and then tie the cloth to make a bundle.

4] After this, he should keep the bundle in front of himself and chant the Uchchatan Mantra given below 1000 times. While chanting the Mantra he should fix his gaze upon the bundle. This Kriya is said to infuse the bundle with the vibrations and powers of the Uchchatan Mantra. He can use any kind of counting rosary to count the Uchchatan Mantra Repetitions.
या इतरईलो या अत काईलो दुहाई काबीदो की |
Yaa Eataraeelo Yaa Aat Kaaeelo Duhai Kaabido Ki |

5] The Shabar Shatru Nivaran Tantra says that when the practitioner throws this bundle upon the home of his enemy, the enemy will run away from his house along with his entire family and even an utterance of the the name of the practitioner will strike dread and fear in his mind.


  1. Thanks guru , love to see these kind of mantras keep it coming ��


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