Netra Dard Nivaran Shabar Mantra

The Navnath Sampradaya Shabar Healing Mantra given by me in this post uses Bibva Nuts[ Semecarpus anacardium -nut] to get rid of eye-pain. This Healing Mantra Experiment to remove eye-pain is most simple to perform, even for the uninitiated and the lay-persons. In the Hindi language this Health Mantra is called as the Netra Dard Nivaran Mantra or the Aankh Peeda Shanti Mantra.

To remove eye ache or any kind of pain or inflammation of the eyes, the practitioner should take 2 Bibva Nuts, also known as Bhilwa or Agnimukh in hand and chant the Shabar Mantra given here 31 times. This will infuse the Bibva-Nuts with the strength and healing power of the Mantra.

काला बैल काला बैल |  
काला बैल की चार आंख |
दो लाल दो काली |
लाल जा काली आ मेरी आन |
मेरे गुरु की आन |
इश्वर गौरा गोरखनाथ महादेव की दुहाई |
Kaalaa Bail Kaalaa Bail |
Kaalaa Bail Ki Chaar Aankh |
Do Laal Do Kaali |
Laal Jaa Kaali Aa Meri Aan |
Mere Guru Ki Aan |
Ishwar Goura Gorakhnath Ki Duhai |

Then, the practitioner should lightly touch the eyes of the person suffering from eye-disease with the Bibva Nuts and then throw the Bibva Nuts behind the patient.

This, the Shabar Nath-Panthiya scripture says will cure the eye-ailment and remove the pain and dis-comfort from the eyes of the patient.

Note- A diverse range of Mantras, Yantras and Remedies for getting relief from eye-pain and eye-diseases are already posted on this site. 


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