Mahalaxmi Yantra Siddhi Sadhana

The Yantra Sadhana described by me in this post is a Special Mahalaxmi Yantra Siddhi Sadhana, which energizes the Yantra with a most powerful and potent Mantra of the Goddess Mahalaxmi. This Yantra can then be kept in the Puja-Ghar or Altar for getting the blessings of the Divine Mother for getting rid of material and psychological difficulties, depression and anxiety.

The steps mentioned below should be followed in order to perform this Yantra Sadhana in a systematic manner.

1] You can start this Mahalaxmi Yantra Siddhi Sadhana on any auspicious Friday morning, after having a bath and wearing clean yellow colored clothes.

2] You have to draw one Mahalaxmi Yantra everyday on a Bhojpatra, using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Mahalaxmi Yantra Mantra Siddhi Sadhana for Money and Valuables

3] Then, you have to worship the Mahalakshmi Yantra by placing it on a Puja-Board and lighting a Pure Ghee Lamp and Agarbatti before it and offering it flowers, fruits and Naivedya.

4] Then, using a Yellow Colored Japa Mala, chant the Mahalaxmi Mantra, given at the bottom of the image 2100 times.

6] Then, recite the Shri Suktam once.

5] This Sadhana should be done everyday in the same manner described above for 62 days. Ladies performing the Sadhana should refrain from doing so during the continuance of their Monthly Cycle.

6] On the 63rd day, you have to get the Mahalakshmi Yantra prepared on Silver and then once again worship it in the same manner described above.

7] Finally, the Mahalakshmi Yantra has to be kept in the Puja-Place by placing it on top of the 62 Bhojpatra Yantras.

This concludes the Mahalakshmi Yantra Siddhi Sadhana, it can be most beneficial for getting all-round peace and happiness in life, including physical, mental, domestic and financial bliss.

 At all costs try to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your home because the Goddess is said to frequent such houses.


  1. Namashkar sir.please give information about swarnakarshana Bhairav mantra Sadhana.

    1. I have swarnakarshan bhairav mantra sadhna
      Contact me 9173300476

  2. यह बहुत प्रभावकारी यंत्र है,जिसमे बीसा यंत्र का भी समावेश है.
    प्रथम और द्वितीय पंक्ति के अंक 5+9+6 का त्रिकोण 20 का अंक बनाता है. बीच मे बीजमंत्र "श्रीं"है.
    बीच की तृतीय और चतुर्थ पंक्ति का चतुश्कोण 1+4+7+8 = 20 के अंक के साथ दोनो ओर ओं,हृीं बीजमंत्र से घिरा है.
    अंतिम पंक्ति के 3 और 2 "क्लीम" के साथ ऊपर की पंक्ति के 7 और 8 (3+2+7+8) के साथ मिलकर 20 का अंक बनाते हैं.
    द्वितीय पंक्ति और अंतिम पंक्ति का चतुश्कोण 9+6+3+2=20 है.
    ऊपर बाएँ कोने से नीचे की पंक्ति दाएँ कोने को तिरच्छा देखिए. 9+1+8+2=20
    ऊपर दाएँ कोने से सबसे नीचे बाएँ कोने को तिरच्छा देखिए 6+4+7+3=20 .
    अब द्वितीय,तृतीय,चतुर्थ,पंचम पंक्ति के प्रथम अंको का त्रिकोण देखिए 9+1+7+3=20
    दाईं ओर से इन्ही पंक्तियों का त्रिकोण 6+4+8+2=20 बनाता है.


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