Paintings of Water in Feng Shui

In this post, I have described some prescriptions from Vastu-Shastra, regarding the use of water and objects, which symbolize or portray water, like images or paintings and water-fountains. Some of these recommendations are common to both Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui.

1] While selecting an image of water, one should take care to check the flow of water in the image. If the water appears to be flowing at a very rapid pace, there is likelihood of turbulence taking place in the house. If the water flow appears to be stagnant then there is likelihood of a lifeless or dull existence, without any excitement in life.

Paintings or photographs showing wastage or leakages of water should be avoided as this signifies unneeded expenditure and wastage of money and wealth.

The picture or photo of water should be pleasant, soothing and pleasing to the eye, one should be attracted towards. It should not be a picture, which makes one feel sad,  uncomfortable or frightened.

2] A pleasing audio or sound of water creates a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in the house. However, if there is too much water or sounds of water in the house or in its vicinity, the mind becomes emotional. As per astrology, water is the element, which affects the mind the most.

3] If there is a water fountain in-front of the house, then it is helpful in destroying or repulsing the dull, stagnant or harmful energies and vibrations, which are emitting from the roads and the pointed corners of the buildings facing the house and entering the house.

4] If unable to implement any of the recommendations given above, the simple remedy is to keep a Nataraja Murti in the house, which is most effective in eradicating and repulsing all kinds of malefic and bad energies from its surroundings. The Nataraja Murti should be made from Brass or Copper and should be at-least 5-6 inches tall.

Note- These recommendations are specially for the followers of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, if you do not believe in these sciences of house architecture, then you can safely ignore them.


  1. sir many people say nataraja murti should not be kept in house as it symbolises lord shiva in tandav form which is destruction.

    1. Depends upon individual beliefs, the Tandava Dance also symbolizes the Dance of Creation or the Source of Creation.

  2. इसमे दो बातें हैं यदि आपने नटराज मूर्ति सजावट के तौर पर बैठक मे रखी है,तो वह निष्प्राण मूर्ति महज एक शो पीस है.उससे कोई हानि नही होगी.
    पूजा के लिए यदि नटराज मूर्ति लाई गई है,तो बिना प्राण प्रतिष्ठा के पूजा नही की जा सकती .एक बार आपने प्राण प्रतिष्ठा कर पूजा प्रारंभ कर दी,तो वह भगवान शिव के रूप मे पूजित हो रही है,अत: उससे हानि की कोई संभावना नही है.


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