Ritual for Quick Marriage of Girls

A simple and uncomplicated Indian paranormal bathing ritual for the quick marriage of a girl has been described by me in this post. This Upay for Quick Marriage can be practiced by a girl whose marriage plans are not materializing as planned due to any kind of reason, including lack of money, good looks or education.

This Totka, which involves bathing in a river should be performed on the first Wednesday of the Shukla Paksha of the Hindu Month by following the steps mentioned below-

1] The girl should go to a river bank accompanied by either her parents, friends or well-wishers and take with her 7 bananas, 700 grams jaggery and one un-skinned coconut.

2] Then, the girl should go into the water wearing her clothes and take a few dips in the river water.

3] Then, her parent or friend should do an Utara of the girl by rotating the coconut around her body from head to toe in a clockwise manner. This should be done just once.

4] After completing the Utara, the coconut should be flung, as far as possible into the river water, so that it does not float back in the direction of the girl.

5] Then, still wearing the wet clothes, the girl should keep 1 banana and some jaggery on the river bank taking the name of Chandra Dev[The Moon God] and repeat the same procedure for Surya Dev [The Sun God]. She should then pray to the Sun and Moon with folded hands, in the direction of the river for blessing her with a quick and trouble free marriage.

6] Then, the girl should change her clothes and go back to her house. She should eat a banana and some jaggery as Prasad and offer the remaining bananas and jaggery to a cow.

This concludes the Shighra Vivah Ka Totka as this bathing ritual is called in the Hindi language, it is a onetime paranormal remedy, which should be performed with self-belief and confidence. 


  1. एक सुझाव है--
    बड़ के पत्ते पर अपनी मनोकामना लिख कर बहते जल मे प्रवाहित करें ,तो मनोरथ की पूर्ति होती है.
    कन्या बड़ के पत्ते पर शीघ्र उत्तम वर प्राप्ति की कामना लिख कर साथ मे ले जाय और नदी मे प्रवाहित कर दे

    1. Yes, this is also a simple variation of the same Upay, which can be performed by girls wanting their desired grooms.

  2. While doing the utara, should the girl keep the bananas and gur with her..and how many dips should her take

  3. How many dips should the girl take and should she take the bananas and gur with her while doing the dips or while her parent or friend do the utara?

    1. A couple of Dips is sufficient, the bananas and gur should not be taken while doing the dips or while the Utara is being done.


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