Mantras to Protect Child from Diseases

These three Shabar Mantras, which, I have written about in this post are Mantras, which are used to protect children from diseases or illnesses. In the Hindi language these Shabar Health Mantras are called as the Balak ko Bimari Se Bachane Ke Mantra.

These are essentially protective healing Mantras, which are practiced as a preemptive or precautionary measure to safe-guard the health of a child from possible infections, contamination or viruses.

All the three Mantras serve the same purpose, hence, the practitioner can select anyone of the three Mantras given below and completely memorize the selected Mantra by heart. This is said to give the practitioner control over the Mantra and to actually use it for protecting children from diseases.

1] मंत्र
उलदेव विहरतशे भगरज श्रभ्नसिंह देवंगे उरे फलाना का भेउ ताहि भेडनारसिंह भां भां भां भां ||
Uladev Viharatashe Bhagaraj Shrabhnasimha Devange Ure Falaanaa Ka Bheu Taahi Bhedanaarasimha Bhaam Bhaam Bhaam Bhaam ||

2] मंत्र
पानी तीन पानी ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, महेश्वर जानी शिव शक्ति आदि कुमारी अब छार सब तोही की ताई कइहु कतहुं का होऊ धैले आठ बालक के तोके मोके पुण्य जब होय महादेव के जटा परे पार्वती के आंचर जौ वह बालक दुख पावै ||
Pani Teen Pani Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar Jaani Shiv Shakti Aadi Kumari Aab Chhar Sab Tohi Ki Taaee Kaeehu Katahum Ka Hou Dhaile Aath Baalak Ke Toke Moke Punya Jab Hoye Mahaadev Ke Jataa Pare Paarvati Ke Aamchar Jou Vaha Baalak Dukh Paavai ||

3] मंत्र
3] शुक्र, शनिश्चर, भौम अवारी कहवा चलेउ डाइनि मारी हंकिनी डंकिनी चढ़ी पुरव देशाकै वैसी पीपर के डार सात से योगिनी जागे मशान डीठि मूठि बांधि के आ नगरह गाडकन मुखाय संतावै मनैबाद विनती पर भैरवप टोनहि लैआउ ||
Shukra, Shanischar, Bhoum Aavaari Kahavaa Chaleu Daaeeni Maari Hankini Dankini Chadhi  Purav Deshaakai Vaisi Peepar Ke Daar Saat Se Yogini Jaage Mashaan Dithi Moothi Baandhi Ke Aa Nagarha Gaadakan Mukhaaya Santaavai Manaibaad Vinati Par Bhairavap Tonhi Laiaau ||

The procedure of using all the three Mantras is the same, the practitioner should take a little bit of water in a cup and hold that cup in the hand and chant the Mantra seven times in order to inject the healing powers of the Mantra into the water.

This Mantra Infused water is then give to the child to drink.

Note- This information on Indian Paranormal Healing Practices is given in good faith and not as a replacement for any medical treatment.


  1. संभवत: पहले मंत्र मे "उरे फलाना का"मे"फलाना" की जगह रोगी बालक का नाम लेना चाहिए.

  2. Namaste.. Plz give some remedies or mantras to deal with ASD, I.e., autism disorders. It will be really helpful. Thanq.


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