Yantra for Respect in Office

In this post, I have written about a special numerical Yantra, which is called as the Karyalaya Me Maan Samman Pane Ka Yantra or a Yantra to get respect in the office. This charm is suitable for those person who have tried everything but have still not managed to gain respect, recognition or praise in their workplace.

This Yantra, which is shown in the image can be drawn on a piece of white paper with red or blue colored ink.

Yantra for Respect and Honor in Office
Yantra for Respect in Office

Then, it can be kept on the body either in the pocket or wallet or inserted in a metal locket and worn around the neck like a good-luck charm.

There is no Puja- Mantra-Tantra or infusion or energizing procedure associated with this Yantra, which can be prepare on any day.

If performed with belief and seal-confidence, this paranormal remedy for getting honor and respect from colleagues and superiors in the work-place will show positive results in a short period of time.

After wearing this Yantra, the practitioner should avoid being arrogant and egotistic and always show behave in an humble and respectful manner with his or her co-workers and bosses.


  1. Thé remedy is suitable for other work, job (Musician, factory, school or hospital etc.. ?

    1. कार्यालय / office से तात्पर्य है ,कार्यस्थल / workplace,जहाँ कार्य करने के लिए लोग एकत्र होते हों. अतः संगीत स्थल,फॅक्टरी,स्कूल,अस्पताल सभी इस यंत्र के दायरे मे आ जाते हैं.

  2. Namashkar sir.i lost my job 5months back since that trying hard but not getting results.i have 15 years of banking experience in top bank.i have responsibility of family please sir guide me what to do.17/01/1976.10:25am.hyderabad.

    1. इस साइट पर पुरानी पोस्ट mantra to find a job देखें .

      रोज़गार प्राप्ति के लिए महा काली शाबर मंत्र --
      "ओम काली कंकाली महाकाली ,मरे सुंदर जिए काली ,चार वीर भैरू चौरासी ,तब तो पुजू पान मिठाई ,अब बोलो काली की दुहाई ."
      मंत्र साधना सात दिन की है .रात को काली के चित्र/
      मूर्ति के समक्ष दीप,धूप,अगरबत्ती जलाकर 49 बार
      उच्चरित करेन.सात दिन रोज एक नारियल महाकाली को अर्पित करें .


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