Spell to get over Obsession for a Girl

In this post, I have described a simple Spell for a boy infatuated with a girl to get over his infatuation. This simple spell to get over the obsessive one-sided love for a woman who is either unaware or simply uninterested in the obsessive lover appears in the Egyptian Secret of Albertus Magnus, the mystical collection of spells and charms.

Infatuation is not harmful and most people would have experienced it quite a few times in their lives. However, when infatuation turns into obsession, it become unhealthy and can make the obsessive lover dangerous and sometimes morbid.

Extreme infatuation has been categorized as a love obsession disorder in which the obsessive lover lives in a fantasy world and it is impossible for him to even imagine that his fantasy-lover has no interest in him or is even unaware of his existence.

This spell from the Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus is specially for a person showing the symptoms mentioned above and not for the guy who has a crush on some girl.

The lover who wishes to get over his infatuation should wear a pair of shoes and then walk until his feet start to perspire. He should walk briskly so that the feet start sweating quickly and the sweat does not begin to give out a foul odor.

Then, he must remove the shoes and take the right shoe and pour some beer or wine into the shoe and drink it.

This will make the infatuated lover quickly get over the infatuation and loose all the love, obsession  and affection, which he feels for that woman.

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