Stomach Bloating and Gas Relief Spell

The Spell described by me in this post is specifically used for getting relief from pain and discomfort caused by stomach and intestinal gas, belching and bloating. In the Hindi language this paranormal Indian healing spell is called as the Pet Ke Vayu Gole Se Aaram Pane Ka RambaanTotka or Upay.

The Yantra shown in the image [even thought it cannot technically be called as a Yantra] should be drawn on piece of paper.

Stomach Bloating and Gas Relief Spell
Stomach Bloating and Gas Relief Yantra

It should be worshiped by lighting an oil lamp and incense stick in-front it because it is comprised of some Beej Mantras and the names of some Hindu Goddesses.

Then, it should be folded and placed inside a cloth locket and tied with a string around the waist like a healing talisman.

After the pain and discomfort vanishes, the practitioner should remove the Tabeez from around the waist and immerse it in any flowing water body.


  1. Sir In the above yantra on the right side it is written Gandhar Maha Bharvi Is it correct or it should read as Ghandri Maha Ghari Thanks

  2. Sir, in the above yantra, at one block it is written "Gandhari Maha Bhairavi" is this correct? Or should it be "Gandhari Maha Gandhari " kindly reply as i have prepared it & only 1 block is pending bz of this confusion. Please reply soon.

  3. Sir, kindly reply to my above query. Please


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