Ancient Spell to Extinguish a Fire

This is a paranormal spell, which makes the use of the ancient Latin Sator Square, which comprises of 5 unique words, to extinguish a fire. This paranormal remedy for extinguishing fire appears in the Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, the famous mystical work on voodoo spells, charms and white and black magic.

The exact origin of the Sator Square is still unknown, even though it was discovered in the volcanic ashes of Pompeli, in Italy. The Sator Square has been attributed with strong magical properties and is used in certain specific occult rituals, including the one described in this post to put out fire without using water or earth.

The Mystical Sator Square to extinguish fir without using water or earth
The Mystical Sator Square

The Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, says that the Sator Square should be written on both sides of a plate and the plate should be thrown in a fire that is all that has to be done. This simple ritual extinguishes the fire.

Note- Neither, have I, tested this occult experiment nor have I seen or heard about someone who has successfully implemented it to successfully extinguish a fire.

If any person has any further knowledge about this paranormal experiment or the Sator Square, please share their experiences or information on this post.


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