Indian Healing Talisman for Intestine Ailments

A rare and unique healing remedy from the Vanaspati Tantra to get relief and cure intestinal ailments is described by me in this post. This remedy makes the use of the root of the Shankhapushpi Plant to prepare a simple, yet effecting talisman, which is said to be beneficial in giving relief to any person suffering from diseases of the intestines.

The Shankhapushpi Plant, the botanical name being Clitoria ternatea, is commonly called in the English language as butterfly or blue pea plant. It is a plant whose parts have and are still being widely used in traditional Indian medicine, like Ayurveda to cure a wide and diverse range of diseases. This site has over the past few years written about the herbal and paranormal uses of the Shankhapushpi Plant.

The Shankhapushpi Tantra to heal intestinal diseases is given below in a step-by-step manner.
1] On any Saturday morning go to a place where the Shankhapushpi Plant is growing. Take a fitful of Rice Grains and some Powdered Turmeric along with you.

2] Then, worship the Shankhapushpi Plant and invite[Nimantran] to give relief and cure your intestinal ailments or the intestinal problems of any other person, on whom you wish to practice this paranormal healing remedy.

3] Offer the Rice Grains and Powdered Turmeric to the Shankhapushpi Plant, by keeping it near the root of the plant and go back to your home.

4] Then, the next day, get up early in the morning and have a bath and then offer Arghya of Milk to Surya Devta and pray for getting success in the Healing Experiment, which you are going to perform.

5] Then, go to the Shankhapushpi Plant and remove it from the ground and bring it to your home.

6] Finally, take out a small portion of the root of the Shankhapushpi Plant and tie it with a thread on your waist or the waist on the person suffering from diseases of the intestines, like a healing talisman. The rest of the Shankhapushpi Plant should later on be immersed in any water body.

Note- this healing remedy can be useful to person suffering from intestinal ailments like gastrointestinal disease, bowl obstruction and inflammatory bowl disease.

The information has been published only for the sake of sharing rare and interesting knowledge relating to Indian Paranormal Healing Remedies. Any person, wishing to try this healing remedy is advised to consult his or her physician before attempting it.


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