Sun Worship Remedy to Remove Fear

In this post, I have written about a very simple and easy to perform Surya Arghya remedy for getting rid of fear or fright, this includes fear or feeling frightened and scared for no reasonable rhyme or reason or with any reasonable cause. This Surya Arghya [offering water to the Sun God] remedy can be very useful for those people who are undergoing mental anguish due to unnecessary fear or fear from unknown reasons.

The first part of the Sun Worship Remedy for removing fear should be done at night time before retiring to bed.
1] Take a clean and washed copper vessel or Kalash and pour fresh and clean drinking water into this vessel. Then add a Hibiscus Flower [Gurhal Flower] to the water and cover it with a lid.
Keep this copper vessel under your bed in the approximate position where you place your head while sleeping at night.

2] Then early in the morning after having a bath and wearing fresh and clean clothes offer the water along with the Gurhal Flower to Surya Devta and after making the offering say a small prayer in your own words that the unnecessary or unknown fear and fright experienced by you should immediately disappear.

Notes- this Surya Arghya Remedy for removing fear does not need the chanting of any kind of Surya Mantra or Stotra and should be simply performed as detailed in this post.

Children who get scared without any reason can also be made to perform this simple home remedy to remove fear.

This is normally a one-time remedy and should be performed with full commitment and intensity.
This paranormal Indian healing remedy can be performed on any day, including Sunday, which is said to be the weekly day of the Sun God.


  1. Neelji namaste,

    I cannot keep water under the bed as I sleep on the floor on the mattress. Can I keep te Kalash next to my head ? Appreciate your reply. Thank you .

  2. Pranam Neelji,
    Please clear my 2 doubts
    1. Can I keep the Kalash next to my head as I sleep on the floor?
    2. After offering Arghya with flower, should I still offer water to surya dev as I do normally daily?

    Please do reply. Thank you.

  3. Neelji, what should I do with the flower after offering?

  4. You can keep the water near the place where you keep your head on the floor.
    Let the flower flow out with the water,
    You can offer water to Surya Devta as per you daily practice.


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