Kamala Mantra Sadhana for Rajyog

This is Mantra Sadhana of one of the Dash Mahavidya- Kamala. It is said that the person who worships Kamala Devi daily with love, never faces poverty in life. The Kamala Devi Mantra has already been shared by me a few months back but I hadn't shared the procedure on how to get Siddhi over this Mantra. I will share procedure for gaining Siddhi over the same Kamala Devi Mantra for Raj Yog in this post – Ashok Mehta

1. Start the Siddhi Sadhana from a Shukla Paksh Wednesday or Monday or Friday at dusk. If possible, it should be started from the auspicious Tithi of Dhanteras. This sadhana cannot be done in the month of Ashadh.
2. In a separate room, sit facing the north direction if you want to get luck, good family life and wealth. Sit facing the west direction if you are doing this for the fulfillment of a particular wealth related wish.
3. On a yellow Chowki, spread a yellow cloth. On it, make a mount of yellow rice. The yellow color of the rice should be made using only Kesar as it represents the Goddess Lakshmi.
4. Those who cannot do this, should on a copper plate write “Shree" using Kesar mixed with pure Ghee. Keep a Kamala Yantra or Shree Yantra on the rice mount/plate.
Offer Vermilion, Panchamrut, Rice grains and flower petals to the Yantra.
5. Make 16 marks on the Yantra, each of these 16 marks will symbolize the 16 forms of Lakshmi.
6. Next to the Yantra, Keep a copper vessel full of drinking water. Water should be collected separately and should not be Jutta and your fingers should not touch the water in the vessel. Try to keep the water as pure as you can.
7. Light 5 earthen Diyas using pure Ghee and keep them in front of the Yantra, on the Chowki.
8. Worship your Guru, chant your Guru Mantra, recite the Sankatnaashak Ganesh Stotra, recite the Vishnu Mool Mantra for 1 round using a Tulsi Beads counting rosary, the Shiv Mool Mantra for 1 round using a Rudraksh Beads counting rosary. Then, do mental worship of all of them.
9. Do her Aavahan mentally and request her to listen to your chant and bless you with success. Recite the Kamala Kavach.
11. Recite the following Mantra:

Laxmi Sloka or Laxmi Prayer
Laxmi Sloka

12. Take a Sankalp for getting your required wish fulfilled.
13. Recite 141 rosaries for 11 days or 72 rosaries for 21 days. Use a Kamalghatta counting rosary for this purpose.
14. Maintain Brahmacharya, Keep the house clean and mess free at all times. Eat only fruits, dry fruits, raw milk and sweets during the 11/21 days of the Mantra Prayoga. Every Wednesday, if you can, offer a garland of Lotus to a Kamala or Dus Mahavidya temple.
15. Do not lie to anyone and respect your elders. I must repeat this again that do not keep the house cluttered or else your chance for success in the Mantra Sadhana may decrease. Do charity work as much as you can.
16. After completion of the Mantra Japa, do Dashansh Havan, Tarpan, Maarjan, 30 Brahman Bhojan and charity.

The Mantra may take time of around 1-1.5 months to show its effects but do not lose hope. Also, after doing Mantra Siddhi Sadhana, recite at least 1 rosary of this Mantra daily. If you chant more, even better.

This Mantra Sadhana can be done by anyone, there is no bar in it. But one needs to take a Guru-Diksha. For those who don’t get Guru Diksha, recite the Kamala Gayatri Mantra for 11-21 rosaries daily and request her to give you Guru Diksha.

The Kamala Mantra can be seen here - Kamala Devi Mantra

Note – The person who takes a proper Guru Diksha and does this Mantra Sadhana, must stop eating spicy and sour foods throughout his entire life, he must also not eat rice or anything, which is white in color in any form of food after sunset. Eating rice or anything white after sunset is disrespectful towards Kamala and Lakshmi and it will make the Akhand Lakshmi that has come in your house become Khandit. This rule does not apply to sugar. Other than sugar, everything else, which is white colored food has to be stopped. After Siddhi over the Mantra, one must regularly chant the Mantra as much as possible and along with Kamala one must also worship Narayan, Shiv and Shukradev daily.


  1. Ashok sir. namaskar......sir plzzz if u can send maa bhuvaneshwari sadhana procedure also with with complete with vidhi..

  2. Very good Mantra on "Kamala mantra sadhana for rajyog". All the information in this mantra is clear and very helpfull too.

  3. Pranams, can we the mantra in Sanskrit, as reading from English will not have the reqd pronunciation,

  4. Servants who are trustworthy and daily workers, which mantra should be chanted Sir


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