Paranormal Remedy For Protection From Lightning

In this post, I have written about a specific Indian Paranormal Remedy for protection from harm from Lightning strikes. This remedy, which is called in Hindi as Bijli Se Bachne Ka Totka- Upay is most simple to practice and yet the Tantra says that it is most powerful and effective in protecting the practitioner from injuries and even death from lightening strikes.

The paranormal remedy is said to be effective not only in preventing direct lightening strikes but also from any kind of injury and death resulting from electrocution by  coming into contact with any object struck by lightning or having an lightening struck object fall upon him.

The remedy for protection from lightning-
The paranormal remedy should be performed on any Wednesday in the morning after bathing and wearing clean and fresh clothes.

The practitioner should uproot a Tulsi Plant [Holy Basil Plant in the English language] from the ground or a Gamla [Flower Pot] with his bare hands.

The practitioner should not use or come into contact with any iron or steel object while uprooting the Tulsi Plant from the ground and see to it that the Tulsi Plant does not get damaged while being uprooted from the ground.

Then he should cut a small portion of the Tulsi Root, wash it in Ganga Jal [Water of the Holy River Ganges], keep it on a wooden board, and light an Incense Stick and Oil Lamp of Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] in front of the Tulsi Plant.

Then finally the practitioner should insert the Tulsi Toot portion into a Tambe Ka Taweez] Copper Locket] and wear like a protective talisman around the neck.

The rest of the Tulsi plant, which was uprooted from ground, should be immersed in a flowing water body such as a river, canal or the sea.


  1. Generally when the root of any plant has to be used , then,
    1. should the entire plant the uprooted
    2.With what should the root be cut ?
    3. What to do with the original plant afterwards ?
    can it be planted back ?

    1. It all depends upon the size of the plant, sometimes it is not possible to uproot a plant in such cases it has to be dug out.
      The root can be cut with a knife or a similar object.
      If a invoking Puja of the plant has been performed, then it should be immersed, otherwise if possible it can be re-planted.


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