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Indian Astrology Yogas for Early Marriages

These are some astrological Yoga for an early marriage as per Vedic astrology. It must be kept in mind that these Yogas were calculated many centuries back when child marriages were common not only in India but most parts of the world. In those times marriage at a very young age was a common practice, now a days the marriageable age as per the law in India is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys, anything below this is deemed to be a child marriage.

However, in today’s times such astrological Yoga should be taken to be an indicator for an engagement or some sort of friendship or affection with the members of the opposite sex. However, even though child marriages at illegal, they still take place in some communities of regions of India.

Most early marriages take place when the lord of the seventh house is sitting in the house of an auspicious planet and if Jupiter is a strong and benevolent planet in the horoscope of an individual.

If the lord of the second house is placed in the eleventh house and the ascendant is placed in the second house, then there is a chance of getting married at the age of 13. Such marriages in today’s times are called child marriages and are illegal, hence there is a possibility of being engaged or falling in love at the age of 13.

If the Sun [Surya] is placed in the seventh house and if the lord of the seventh house is sitting in the same house with Jupiter [Guru] then there are chances of a very early marriage before the age of 11. However, what is mentioned above also applies to this astrological marriage Yoga.

If Jupiter is placed in the second house and if the lord of the seventh house is placed in the eleventh house then there are chances of marriage at the age of 10 or 16.

If Venus [Shukra] is sitting in the seventh house from the Moon [Chandra] and if Saturn [Shani] is sitting the seventh house from Venus then there are chances of getting married at the age of 18.

Note- The above information is generalized and numerous other factors influence such astrology Yogas. Only a detailed study of the horoscope by a learned astrologer can give reasonably correct information about the age of marriage of an individual.


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