Exorcism Remedy for Sick Person

In this post, I have written about a most simple traditional Indian Paranormal Utara Tantra to remove and exorcise malefic and regressive energies and vibrations from the body, aura and surroundings of a sick and ailing person. This remedy can be performed if the sick and ailing person is not responding to medicines or to any other kind of on-going medical treatment or if there is continuous sickness, ill health and disease present in the house.

The paranormal remedy to exorcise malefic vibration from a sick and ailing person should be performed as described below for three consecutive day beginning from any Sunday.
1] Prepare a small Pedha Sized Ball [size of a large marble] from Wheat Dough [Gehun Kan Atta].
2] Then take fresh drinking water in a small Copper Kalash [small copper utensil will do] and hold in your hands and rotate the copper utensil and the Wheat Dough Ball over the body of the sick person [from head to toe] three times in a clockwise manner.
3] Then you can water the plants in your house with the water in the copper utensil or if there are no plants in your house you can pour the water on the trunk of any tree or plant outside your home.
4] The Wheat Dough Ball should be fed to a Cow.
This concludes the Utara Upay to remove harmful and dangerous energies from a sick person.

Note- this is a standalone Utara and does not involve the chanting of any Mantra- Prarthana or Stotra and should be practiced as described in the post.

If anyone wishes to perform this remedy, then the on-going medical treatment should not be ignored and the remedy should be performed simultaneously along with the medical treatment.


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