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Indian Astrology and Future Husband

In Vedic as well as traditional Indian astrology the seventh house of the horoscope is said to give a picture about the looks, nature and life-style of the future husband of a woman. Such readings are usually made by studying the nature of the planet, which is sitting in the seventh house of the horoscope.

In this post, I have described some specific Indian astrology marriage Yogas on the looks, personality and character of the future life-partner of a woman. As is the normal practice with Hindu astrology, the first house of the horoscope should be taken to be the or ascendant or Lagnesh as it is called in the Hindi language.

If the Sun [Surya] is sitting in the seventh house of the horoscope then the future husband will be handsome and have a glowing complexion. He is likely to attach more than usual importance to sex-life and could have a fiery temperament.

If the Moon [Chandra] is positioned in the seventh house then the future life partner will be good looking and attractive but somewhat physically weak, sickly or troubled by diseases.

If Mars [Mangal] is sitting in the seventh house then the future husband will have a reddish complexion. He will be clever and somewhat lazy or pass the buck kind. He could have a cruel or sadistic nature.

If Mercury [Budh] is sitting in the seventh house then the future husband will be skilled, enterprising, virtuous and wise. Such a man will be wealthy or reasonably well-off.

A powerful and benevolent Jupiter [Guru] sitting in the seventh house indicates a future husband having a striking or commanding personality. This man will be wealthy and hold a position of power and influence.

Venus [Shukra] sitting in the seventh hose indicates a future husband who will be very good looking, well dressed, found of good clothes and luxuries and wiil be rich. This man will give more than normal importance to entertainment and arts.

If Saturn [Shani] is sitting in the seventh house there is a possibility of getting married to a person who is much older than you. Such a man is likely to be commit sins and misdeeds.

If North Node [Dragon’s Head or Rahu] is sitting in the seventh house then there is a likelihood of the future life partner having a lowly mindset.

If the South Node [Dragon’ Tail or Ketu] is sitting in the seventh house then the future life partner will always speak the truth.

Note- These are generalized reading of the horoscope, only a detailed study of the horoscope will give a correct picture on the looks, personality and character traits of your future husband.


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