Yantra to Protect Clothes from Mice

A specific Hindu Yantra, which acts like a charm or a protective talisman to prevent mice rats and other rodents from damaging and destroying clothes and fabrics has been described by me in this post. Mice and the other similar rodents are known pests who chew, tear, make holes and destroy clothes thus causing great agony to many people. This Yantra, which is simple to make and use can be used these people who are being harassed by mice and looking for a paranormal remedy to put an end to their suffering.

Anyone wanting to use the Yantra can draw it as shown in the image included in this post on white paper with the paste of Konch Seeds [ these seeds are known in the English language as Bengal or Florida Velvet Beans, the botanical name is Mucuna Pruriens] using a pointed wooden stick.

Then the prepared Yantra should be kept in the cupboard or the place where clothes are usually kept.

Hindu Yantra Charm to Protect Clothes from Damage by Mice
Yantra to Protect Clothes from Mice

Notes- Velvet Beans have been since long been used in traditional Indian medical like Ayurveda for treating a wide range of diseases and ailments, including snake bites. They are also consumed as a strength and energy booster.

This is a standalone Yantra and is free from any kind of religious ritual, worship or Mantra-Tantra and can be prepared on any day.


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