Gayatri Mantra Remedy for Eye Diseases

In this post, I have described a unique healing remedy, which makes the use of the Gayatri Ramayana and the Gayatri Mantra for healing any kind of eye diseases and ailments, including poor eye-sight or any other disease or ailment connected to the eyes or vision. There is some sort of hidden connection or code, which links the sacred Gayatri Mantra with the Ramayana.

The Gayatri Ramayana is available in many languages and it comprises of 24 Verses from the original Ramayana, composed by the great Sage Maharishi Valmiki. Each of these 24 Slokas commences with a letter from the Gayatri Mantra, which comprises of 24 letters with each letter having a much deeper meaning or multiple deeper meanings.

Coming back to this healing remedy, it has to be performed on four consecutive Full Moon Days [ Purnima]. On this day the practitioner should take a bath, wear clean and washed cloths and light a Sarson Ke Tel Ka Diya [Mustard Oil Lamp] and then chant Gayatri Ramayana.

After this, he should hold a clean and washed stainless steel utensil like a spoon over the Oil Lamp and collect the soot, which emits from the lamp. Then he should prepare Kajal [eye-liner] from the collected soot by mixing it with pure unadulterated Cow Ghee.

This Kajal should then be infused with the Gayatri Mantra, by chanting the Gayatri Mantra 2,400 times. Then he should apply this Gayatri Mantra Infused Kajal in the eyes of the person suffering from eye-defects or himself, if he is the one who has eye related problems.

Note- I am not in a position to certify the success or failure of this Gayatri Mantra vision healing remedy. As this remedy is connected to the eyes, which are the most sensitive and critical body parts, kindly perform this remedy with extreme care and caution.


  1. Hello,
    Please upload or guide to Hanuman experiment for shravan month which any sadak can perform it without any husal


    1. Recite Ram raksha stotra 11 times daily. It will please both, Hanuman and Shiva

    2. Along with it you can recite Shree ram Jay Ram JAy jay ram daily as per your capacity if you want.

      Jay Jay Mahaveer Hanuman


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