Yantra to Bring Back a Family Member

This Yantra, which is posted today works like a simple charm to recall back to the house any family member who has left the house or has gone and settled in another city or country. In this post, I have described the method of making and using this Yantra and the main principle behind its working.

The Yantra should be drawn on a white colored piece of paper as shown in the image given below. Then the practitioner should keep it on the floor and spread some dust/mud/sand from the road in front of his house over the Yantra and whip it [a whip should be used for whipping the Yantra].

Hindu Voodoo Charm to Bring Back a Family Member
Yantra to Bring Back a Family Member

Success in this type of Yantra Experiment depends primarily upon the intensity with which the practitioner performs the paranormal experiment. The intense thoughts and desire of the practitioner in bringing back to the house the family member who has left the house is of paramount importance. By this kind of experiment the thoughts enter the atmosphere and work to fulfil the wish of the practitioner.

This Yantra cannot be termed as a Vashikaran Yantra, even though the principles behind its working are essentially the same. To recall back a loved one or an ex-lover or spouse, you can refer to this post- Vashikaran Yantra to recall ex-lover.

Notes- The same Yantra is used for a similar purpose using a different Tantra, which can be seen here- Charm for Bring Back a Love One

The Yantra is free from any kind of Tantra-Mantra, worship and energisation or infusion procedure.

The Yantra can be prepared on any day and after the conclusion of the experiment can be disposed off in any manner.

The Yantra Sadhana should not be misused for trivial purposes or just to get even with someone as it will not work or will rebound back upon the practitioner.


  1. sir what if a whip is not available can I use a small rope to whip it reply me sir we are in deep trouble because my brothers wife left home

    1. I have published what is prescribed in this Tantra, the rest is left to you.

  2. Neel sir, I'm grt fan of urs..I'm really facing problems in my love life plzzz help me......sorry to say but I have tried lots of times these yantras but it is not working .....Somone told methyl these yantras should b prepared by reciting mantra Thn only it will work....plzz reply sir ....I'm really in pain I don't want to loose him ...I prepared many Tantra but he's not coming back he's behind another woman.....plZ help

    1. Try with full faith, sometimes what happens is best for you and your future.

  3. Neel Sir, thanks for sharing this tantra. My brother is missing since last 4 years. Can I perform this tantra at my home on his families behalf? Your guidance would be of great help. You can assist further on ssb.piaggio@gmail.com

    1. Yes, you can perform this or the other Yantra remedy to bring back your brother.

  4. Neel Sir n Ashok ji,
    will u plzz suggest me 100% successful yantra to get back my love .....I'm really facing problems in my love life n don't want to loose him...I have tried lots of yantra given by u n Neel sir but I dont know y they r not working...by preparing yantra as mentioned by u can work or we should make it siddh with mantra as well......I'm really very confused ...plz suggest me only one such yantra so tht he come back to me ...it will b grt favour for me from u ...I'm very much in pain....just try to understand....plz suggest one


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