Shiva Mantra Sadhana for Shravan Maas

Following is a very simple yet very powerful Shiv Sadhana for the holy and sacred Hindu Month of Shravan for fulfilling wishes. Everyone is well versed with the fact it is very easy to please Shiva, especially during the Shravan Maas. This Mantra also is very popular. Though the Mantra Siddhi is achieved by chanting the Mantra 10 lakh times, I am sharing a small Prayog through which they can fulfill their most staunch wishes. – Ashok Mehta

Method of the devotional Shiv Mantra Sadhana:
1] Start from the first day of the month of Shravan. It starts on 3rd of August this year and ends on 1st September.
2] On all the 30 days of Shravan Maas, one must take their bath in the Brahma Muhurat.
3] After bath, go to a Shivaalay and offer some Rice, Chandan, Raw Milk mixed with Pure Water, Belva Patra, Kaner flowers, etc. to the Shivling. Light a desi Ghee Diya. Use an Earthen Diya for the same purpose if you are a Brahmin, you must know that you cannot touch the Shivling unless you have worn a Yagyopavit.
4] Then, Sit on a red cloth Aasan facing the north or east direction.
5] Mentally, Do your Guru Pujan, Ganesh Pujan, Adi shakti/Gauri Puja, Rama Puja and Shiv Puja
6] Recite 54 rosaries * 3 times a day during the entire Shraavan Month.

Viniyog: || अस्य श्री शिवपंचाक्षरी मन्त्रस्य, वामदेव ऋषिः, पंक्तिश छन्दः, ईशानो देवता, ॐ बीजं, नमः शक्तिः, शिवायेति कीलकम, चतुर्विध पुरुषार्थ सिद्धयर्थे (or मम सर्व अभीष्ट सिद्धयर्थे) जपे विनियोगः ||

Mantra: ||ॐ नमः शिवाय ||

Another Shiva Mantra for the same purpose:

This Mantra gets Siddh after completing 1 lakh Mantra Chants. Followed by Dashansh Yagya. This Shiva Mantra is especially effective for getting 16 different kinds of wealth.

Though it gets Siddh by completing only 1 lakh Mantra Chants, what one can do is to complete 1 lakh chants within the initial 7 days by chanting 162 rosaries daily, do Dashansh Yagna and then still recite 31-51 rosaries daily for full success in life. As I am unable to provide its Viniyog, one must recite Amogh Shiv Kavach before doing the Mantra Japa

Mantra: || ह्रीं ॐ नमः शिवाय ह्रीं ||


  1. One pandit told me that savvan have started from 20th july ..... is it true??

  2. Sir,
    I use to chant panchakshari mantra without viniyog and with no boundation of place and time. Should this habit need to be changed or it is okay doing so!
    A frequent visitor

  3. WHAT Dashansh Yagya means???


  4. Dear Ashok ji
    I am chanting om namah shivay 1.25 lakh times and performing dashansh hawan every Maha shivratri from last three years with countinous japa of 21Malas almost everyday but not able to find any difference or solutions in life could you guide me.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I felt joyous to read your post, this will surely enlighten true seekers.
      Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Om Namah Shivaya.

    3. Recite Gayatri mantra daily 3 rosary

    4. Recite gayatri mantra 3 rosary daily and along with it recite karpur gauram mantra 3 rosary daily

  5. I would request Mr Ashok to answer

    1. whatever said by Abhishek is a fact. Bhakti is more important then merr chanting

  6. My Lord Shiva never let any one down who truly loves him. He is everything, He blesses with everything and He blesses everybody. Om Nama Shivaya...

  7. Sir , Would you write sadhana article on 3 Akshara Mrityunjaya Mantra : Om Hroum Joom Sah
    It read in mantra rahasya book that its total amount is 3 lakh , But detail procedure is not given .
    It is also mentioned that performing this sadhana elevated the overall spiritual level of a sadhak and makes him Capable of Doing Advanced Sadhanas .

  8. Hi Ashok . Would you kindly translate the mantra in english alphabets as i dont know how to read Sanskrit mantras . A million thanks

  9. Ashok.sir can u please tell in 'om namah shivaya' should we omit the visarga? Should it be pronounced as namah or namaha ,please clear ,I'm having a lot of confusion on this

    1. Kindly reply sir since I'm studying mantra Shastra and it is important to note it down
      Should we omit visarga 'h' in 'om namaha shivaya '
      Or can we chant Om Nama shivaya

    2. नमः can be pronounced as namah or namaha. Whatever one feels correct


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