Yantra to Become Independent and Powerful

Some special people in this world dream about being independent and powerful, which means powerful without being dependent on others or relying on the support of other persons. There is a special Indian Yantra, which acts like a Good Luck Charm and is said to fulfill this desire of the practitioner, the details about how to make and use this Yantra are explained below in this post.

Pick any auspicious Hindu festival or the Grahan Kaal [Period of any Full or Partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse] or any auspicious Astrology Yoga to prepare this Yantra.

The Yantra must be drawn as show in the image on a Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and a Pointed Wooden Stick as the Pen.

Hindu Occult Voodoo Yantra to Become Independent and Powerful
Yantra to Become Independent and Powerful

The completed Yantra must be worshipped sincerely, showing complete faith and devotion by offering the Yantra some pleasant flowers and lighting an Oil Lamp and Incense Stick in front of it.

Finally the prepared Yantra should be put inside a transparent plastic cover so as to prevent it from getting soiled and damaged and then kept in the headgear of the practitioner. Headgear means the cap or turban worn by the practitioner.


  1. The wooden stick can be of any plant or specific plant ?

  2. I don't use headgear, cap or turban. In that case what to do. Should keep life time or for specific time

  3. Hello Dear Neel Sir
    I can not find bhojpatra is it okay to use white paper and ink? If you do not wear turban or cap in that case is there any other option available.Please reply

  4. sir, I am a female and i don't wear a cap or turban. please guide how can i use the yantra.

  5. Hi Neel-ji,
    Does the practitioner need to wear the headgear all the time?

  6. To all the above questions - the Yantra is specific for wearing in any kind of headgear and the same rule is applicable to women who want to make and use the Yantra.
    The headgear need not be worn every time.
    As mentioned Bhojpatra and Ashtagandha are essential requirements.
    The stick of any plant can be used to draw the Yantra.

  7. Hello Neel Sir
    I want to make this yantra but I can not find bhojpatra. you told me it has to be bhojpatra that I understand. Sir if you have any other alternative please let me
    know. I will relly appriciate it. I read your blog every day and follow them also if I am able to find things which are needed.
    Thank you
    my email is rchop2010@gmail.com
    please reply either way

    1. Bhojpatra is commonly available is most Indian cities in almost any shop selling religious or Puja items.

  8. He Gurudev, Jinki Kripase Muzhe Gyan Prapt Ho Raha Hai, Unhe Mai Dhanyawad Detahu. Neelji Aap Bhi Ek Guruki Bhati Hame Gyan De Rahe Hai, Mai Aap Ka Bhi Aabhari Hoo.

    Muzhe Anumati De Ki Aap Ke Diye Huye Mantra Upay, Tantra Upay, Yantra Upayo Ko Upyog Me Laoo, Aur Ho Sake To Dusro Ka Bhi Bhala Kar Saku.

    Bina Agya Gyan Vyarth Hota Hai, Adhikari Vyakti Ki Anumati Jaruri Hoti Hai.

    Mera Pranam Swikar Kare.

    1. Please go ahead and practice whichever Mantras and Tantras you like, there is no need to ask for permission.

  9. Hi Neelji, Hope you are well. I was wondering, is it possible to hide it in the hair for a woman....? I mean, hide the plastic with a black pin and then cover with the rest hair? Kinda half pony or something? Is it possible to do that? I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

  10. Neel Sir. Should the yantra be put upside down (facing the head) or upside (facing the sky) or folded?
    Please tell Sir.


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